Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Travel Tuesday: G'night Jakarta

Again, for lack of something to post for this week (sorry guys :p) I thought of doing a travel Tuesday feature.  Haha!!  It's funny because I don't have enough traveling experience to make a series of this but what I do know is that I do have "unblogged" post of my previous travels which I'd like to share here (in lieu of my purported memory loss someday, hahaha!!!).  Also, this is not an original concept, I copied this from a celebrity blogger which I follow.  She's 28 (like me) and has been to the same number of countries (sooo jealous :p) and she intends to keep it that way as she grows older.  Check her blog here.

Anyway, for today, I'd just like to share this shot taken at the 19th floor of the apartment we stayed at in Jakarta.  This was taken that Monday night when we learned the news that we're gonna be extended for two more days because Mt. Merapi was having some "issues" (lol!).  We didn't have any plans so before swimming, Lisa taught me how to take some night shots using the D80. :D  So here it is. :)

I just finished my photog classes then and now I haven't been using the camera (aaargh, sorry Wil.)  I miss my girl Lisa too she's been in Oz for tooooooooo long now and will only be back by next month.  I believe our next travel will be in Indonesia too but this time in their beach.  Yay, can't wait! :D

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