Friday, September 09, 2011

All-4-One/ Color Me Badd Concert

Fast forward to Color Me Badd’s opening, with their original video (circa 1993) being played in the big screen behind them, my initial reaction was “Who knew color-blocking was already a trend back then??”  And for the guys no less, hahaha!!! If some of you can recall their video, they were wearing two-colors for their top (orange/green, blue/yellow, pink/yellow, blue/green paired with black slacks while they are dancing to their song, hahaha!!!).  But only three of them made it to the concert.

It's entertaining that at their age, they can still shake their grooves to their hits.  And at the same time, make everybody "kilig" when they mellowed down to The Earth, The Sun, The Rain.  Aaaah, "I will love you for the earth in my feet, I will love you for the sun in my sky, I will love you for the falling rain.........." 

Don't you just miss their songs???? 

As for All-For-One, who didn't fall for their So Much In Love song??  They sang it in A Capella.  Gaaaaah, I think I'd like it to be in my wedding tracks.  Paaaaaaaaaaaak!!!  Hahaha!!!  Who could also forget their hits like I Swear and I Can Love You Like That???  Kaka-miss!!!! :D

The two bands joined together to perform MJ's hits.  Audience went wild. :D

The best part for me was when Color Me Badd sang "Close to Heaven".  Aaaaah, this is one of my all-time favorite songs.  I remember this being a hit when I was in Grade 6 and then feeling like I was "in luurrrrve" back then.  Yay!! :D  I know the entire song (even the Spanish part!!!) and I'm just too ashamed to share with you the video I captured.  It has lots of screaming.  Hahaha!!!

My concert craving for this year is already satisfied.  Special thanks to NJ for accompanying me and making this happen.  At the eve of my 28th, no less!  :)


Mindanaoan said...

Hi there! Glad you had a great time during the concert =) I was a media partner during the CDO leg naman. I have a special video message from them and loads of photos and videos plus behind the scenes tales ;) You might wanna check out my humble blog.

So glad that CMB is back!

~ Irene

CaseyCakes said...

Wow! I didn't know they had a concert in CDO as well. Will check your blog for sure, thanks for the visit. :)