Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Carroty :)

See?  This is what I mean.  When fashion experts announce a certain color for the season, particularly something that is non-existent in my wardrobe, I regard it with fresh interest and then take a shine into it.  This orange thing is not an exemption.  Just look at how it slowly crept into my wardrobe starting with these babies from Zara. :P

Last Sunday, I wore it with an orange bag I got from 168 mall.  Hehehe. :P  A friend from the church loved it.  Yey! :D

Outfit log last Monday. Since it's kind of bold in its own already, I am for the moment pairing it with black dresses first to be safe.  Above and below black dresses from MNG.

The bag is something I fooled my sales manager to believe as something super-expensive.  Hahaha!!  You can order it online here.

And lastly to complete my look, I decided to match my lipstick color too.  Haha!! This coral shade from Revlon is such a fresh take, I didn't realize I could carry such carroty lips since I'm no make-up expert.  But I received positive comments the very first time I wore it, so it is love at first swipe for me.  :D

I'm loving orange already. :))

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