Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blog Gimmick!

OMG! I can't believe I've just turned into one of those media whores people I hate the most in Youtube, LOL!

I'm talking about those people who'd record their songs, upload it in the said site and put the title of the song in their video without any explanation whatsoever that it is their cover.  Uuuugh!  So anytime I feel like searching for a song of which I don't have an mp3, I'll look for it there and without any warning whatsoever, I'd hear a stranger crooning in the background and not that of the artist I was aiming for.  Aaaargh!! XD

Thankfully, I have the discretion to name it obscurely so as not to irritate everyone should "Insensitive" be one of their favorite songs.  Hahaha!!  I have posted the vid in my FB as well with a caveat that can only be found in the telly "the following program contains scenes not suitable for those ill-humored".  Hahaha!! Joke!  Even in Youtube, I even put it under the category: Comedy!  LOL!  What I'm worried for though are those people who subscribed to my videos in Youtube.  I don't know what possessed them to Earth to subscribe (haha!) but I hope they won't get offended.  LOL!

Anyway, this is just a by-product of one of those not-so-soporific nights for me.  I've been seeing this kind of vid from some of my friends in FB so I decided to follow suit.  Haha!  So, after explaining everything to you, I feel like I have warned you enough.  It's already up to you to click the play button below or not.  Hahaha!!

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