Monday, August 08, 2011


Foursquare is brilliant noh?  I just observe a person's frequent check-ins and it will lead me to the most amazing food discovery in the Metro.  Haha!  Of course, the person I'm talking about must be someone credible, a definite food lover.  So when I noticed my HTC friends (Sir Mark and Joy) would often check in at Bon Chon chicken, there must be something about this restau to keep on coming back and I must find out why. :D

I attempted once two months ago and I failed.  The jampacked place on a Friday night just goes to prove the point but with a few minutes left before the Super 8 showing last time, I resolve to come back.

Last Friday was the perfect time with my date, who we'll just keep in the name of NJ.  Haha, for sure he's gonna see this and he'll be shocked with the name. :))  Hi to you!  So ano to radyo? May pabati?  Hahaha!! 'Twas also his first time there and we both enjoyed the CHICKEN!!!!!!!!! The spicy one please!!!!  Super crunchy because it is double-fried.   But I also happened to love the Bulgogi wrap too!! It has Kimchi inside and the beef is oh-so-sweet.  I think it is pretty obvious, anything in a wrap like form for me is an instant favorite!  Yum!

Hailing from Korea, the restaurant is claiming to be the best chicken in America and already has about 6 branches here in the Phils.  If you wanna know how I liked the food so much, I came back to the same branch in GB1 the next day and had late lunch with my friend Randolph.  LOL!  And back to back, I did catch celebrities dining in there.  Hehe.

Speaking of another blockbuster, other friends had a hard time booking seats for this one:

Eugene Domingo of course deserves to win the Best Actress.  Earlier, I warned NJ that he might detest me if I laugh out loud in the cinema.  Haha! It turns out it isn't much of a problem coz when the funny scenes started rolling, the moviegoers were all in an uproar that it was impossible to hear the lines in the movie.  Good thing there are subtitles!!  There were even scenes where the audience would clap their hands after.  I felt like I was in a play.  So, if you haven't seen it yet, go ahead and support Filipino indie. :)


Britt+Whit said...

I love 4Square! cute blog

love from San Francisco,

CaseyCakes said...

agree, it's so useful..:) thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

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