Monday, July 11, 2011

Always a Bridesmaid?????

At this point, whenever asked “When’s your turn?” on weddings, I can still manage to smile and squeeze a joke out of it.  I don’t know until when I can do this, but it should be just close before a special law is declared that doing that is “illegal” and it can get you to jail.  Hahaha!!!

The wedding I attended to last Saturday was that of my first cousin, she’s the same age as mine about 6 months older only.  So of course again, questions like that can’t be avoided. :P  I don’t mind people saying “You should be next!”  Well atleast it doesn’t require an “absolute” timeframe from my side on when it’s gonna happen and atleast somehow it kinda “connotes” a positivity in there.  That they have hope and faith, that I’m gonna be next.  Wahaha!!!

Some of the photos at Hotel Kimberly where the wedding was held before the actual ceremony.  Here, you are treated like a celebrity with the backdrop located at the entrance, hehe.  I think it’s the first time for me to see such a thing,

This is at the lobby with my niece from Abu Dhabi Lois.  No offense to all my other nieces in my cousin’s side, there were a lot of them actually and some whose name were followed after mine, but she’s got to be my favorite niece. :P  All my other niece’s mothers (wives of my male cousins since that gender dominates the family) would often tell me how their daughters would make them “kulit” to open Facebook and check out my photos.  But in actual person, they couldn’t approach me, they’re so timid.  But she’s different.  When I saw her last Wednesday from a wedding rehearsals held at our house’s rooftop, she started talking nineteen to the dozen to me about a lot of things.  Hahaha!! No hesitations or anything especially since it’s the first time for her to see me since she grew up in Abu Dhabi.  Her father (my cousin) forewarned me that I might get tired of her because in his words, “she’s like a parrot.” But I didn’t mind, haha! I was enjoying her company. :)

Here’s me and my cousin Luis by the relaxation area.  The wedding ceremony was supposed to be held by the poolside but the weather’s kind of unpredictable so they chose to stay indoors.  Finally, getting to wear the cats-eye frames! Yey! :D

Make-up time!  It never fails to amaze me whenever I see these things and at the same time I feel so ashamed of myself for not knowing what’s the use and purpose of each.  Haha!!  I don’t know how everyone use to call me “kikay” when I’m not really an expert when it comes to cosmetics.

Anyway the stylist is good and here’s how he/she dunnit, my favorite photo from the event as obviously seen on my FB badge on the sidebar, lol!

Good news!  Someone asked for my number from last Saturday! Bad news!  It was only the gay stylist who keeps on telling me that he should get me into some “modeling/beauty pageants” gigs.  Gaaaah!!  I love him/her for believing that I can pull myself off in these things.  LOL!  I can't help but remember how Pippa Middleton was instantly launched the moment she appeared in an Alexander McQueen gown in the royal wedding. 

The wedding was a lovely shade of fuchsia and purple!  I was impressed with my cousin’s “attention to details” in her wedding; I didn’t know she had this “kakikayan” thing in her.  And what’s more amazing is that she’d been planning for everything while she is in UAE!  She had local help of course.  I will give more details in the next post.

To the frugal parents/elders, they may say that this was a bit too lavish.  And Ma only had this comment, “Pag si Dang kinasal, mas bongga pa diyan!”  Something about how mine would be a bit more sumptuous than that.  To others, this remark might seem to be misinterpreted as a competition among relatives.  But nopes, we don’t have that envy or jealousy thing in the family.  I know my mother’s tone and to me she meant something like “It’s fun preparing for a wedding isn’t it? So wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen’s youuuuuuuuuuur tuuuuuurrrrrrrrnnnnnn???????????” HAHAHAHA!!!

Boy, was I glad this wedding’s over.  LOL!


Anonymous said...

This is what you have to do to attract the right type of guy..
She's definitely the perfect girl friend..
(btw I would have posted this on my facebook, but I've got too many of my female employees on my friends list lol..


CaseyCakes said...

lol! that's the perfect girlfriend for you??????

well, i don't have any qualms whatsoever with what she said..hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

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