Friday, July 08, 2011

Sale Here, Sale There....

Sale everywhere.  With all these ongoing sale everywhere, I was just wondering why we can’t come up with such a thing as “Great Philippine Sale”.  I think it’s just a matter of all the shops agreeing to announce their sale for a certain period of time.  If we look at the percentage increase it gives the country Singapore when it comes to tourism with their GSS (happening now and which I’m going to experience before this month ends), then it would do well for our country too right?  I only learned of the Great Thailand Sale recently and it is up and running until August! Hmmmmmmmmm..

I’m so proud of my Topshop finds recently. :P Three ensembles, all for less than Php 600 each! Yay!  I tried dropping by Zara a day ago and I was disappointed.  I mean really, nag-sale pa sila.  LOL!

And I’m not only talking about these sales in the malls.  Have you heard of these deal websites?  They give you discounts on a looooooot of travel and tour packages, treatments, fine dining, services, etc! Waaaaaah!!!  I don’t know for how long have they been on existence but I only came across them last month and already, I was able to book for different services like hair treatment, buffet, spa package, etc.  WHAT. IS. HAPPENING????  There I was feeling rather virtuous and proud of my actual expenditures in the mall whereas at the very comfort of my home, I’m still spending moolah! Waaaaaaaahh!!!  I mean, I’m not even into Ebay and all that stuff!  Good lord, I’m hopeless!  I just hope all these deals are worth it!  XD

This is one of 'em steals from Topshop.  It's 80% marked down, super comfy (just like PJ's) and one of those I can already imagine a 100 ways to wear, it's totally FTW!

And some feathers in my ears from Accessorize..

Happy shopping friends! :D SBT!

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