Sunday, June 12, 2011

Super Cute!!!

Yeah yeah I know I said don't watch Super 8 right?  But if there's someone who truly shone in that movie, it would have to be her - Ella Fanning. :)

Right after the movie finished, I overheard someone at the back say "Stupidest movie ever."  Well, that's harsh.  I guess I just have to agree with what one movie review said, "It's kinda funny, it's kinda cool, but in the end you feel - basically- nothing."  Yes, that's pretty much what I felt. :-|

With Selena Gomez now dating Justin Bieber, I feel the need to change my new favorite female child star.  Haha!  Not that I disapprove of their relationship, I think they look cute together. :)  But I don't know, Ella Fanning came right on time.  She's super cute! :)

Hey, what you think of my new layout?  It's about time I guess.  More space. Like it here if you do. ;-)


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