Saturday, June 11, 2011

Elle Woods Turned Barbie

Wearing something from years ago, it's been eons since I last wore this pink blazer of mine from Sari-sari.  The shop doesn't even exist anymore.  I paired it with a high-waisted trousers from Mango and fuchsia shoes from Canada. :)
Yes, pink can mean business.  Think Elle Woods of Legally Blonde! ;)
And for some personal stuffs post business meeting,
Tube floral top from Zara and the bag is from Bugis in Singapore.
Here's me and my brother at an Adidas exclusive sale in The Fort.
Me below handling a 2 year old kiddie in the car.  Aaargh!!  So playful, I can't even take a nice photo of us.  LOL!  And for times when my benevolence toward all things great and small is in danger of vanishing, I am grateful for my erm....golden voice.  LOL!  I found the secret to make him fast asleep, two songs was all it took.  Hahaha!!
My look for today was inspired by Zara's latest displays!!! So full of color!! Looooooovvvveeee!!!   Well atleast I didn't have to buy something new. ;-)
Something tells me next week would be activity-filled, I hope my super huge pimple would disappear by then.  Aaargh!! XD 

Oh, and if you're thinking of watching Super 8,  I must warn you there are a lot of better alternatives out there.  Ooops, someone's a tad disappointed. :-p


Anonymous said...

lol must have been the shoes I brought over.. I remember them being pink and heels.. haha.

btw I'm currently thinking about going to Costa Rica with some friends.. sort of an eco tourism vibe plus a bit of some photo shoots, and street photography... If that doesn't happen, I'm going to fly to Europe by myself to do some hardcore street photography..

Bevan and I and his HK crew are planning a China trip again for January.. I'm getting scared already lol. (I lost count how many times I woke up with 3 guys on my bed.. FML)..


CaseyCakes said...

yup yup..that's it. :)

visit Turkey, the Pammukale thing. heard they also have an underground civilization thing. Plus, very near to Greece!!!

You've been to China na is it? But I don't remember seeing any album in your FB.. :-|