Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Hey guys, I'm pretty sure you've already seen the amazing talent of this band called Karmin.

I can't stop watching this video, it has become my LSS (Last Song Syndrome) already.  Haha!!  It all started for me when Perez Hilton made a feature of their Nicki Minaj's Super Bass cover (which was my "then" LSS).  I was still on my phase of memorizing the rap portion (so far apart from the chorus I can do the "Excuse me you're a hell of a guy" thang!  Hahaha!! Hey I can rap!!  Wahaha!!!) so I was impressed with this lady.  I checked out their other covers and this one below ("Look At Me Now") made my jaw drop.  LOL!  

It didn't help that the guy Nick looks super cute so I had to check out more videos.  Then I learned that they already guested on Ellen and performed the same song below.  It was where they announced also that they are engaged.  Oooouuuuccchh!!  Bang goes my little crush! Haha!  Well, any girl who can do a Busta Rhyme rap deserve some mad respect.  This girl has no lungs! Haha!  Amazing!  I'm a fan! :D

Che-che-check out this cover below.  I love the 0:17 part.  Yay!!  This one's my favorite as well as their cover of "Someone Like You" by Adele - a song I featured in my second to the last post. ;-)


JR said...

love it! thanks for posting this KC.

CaseyCakes said...

no prob.. ;-)