Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MNG Sale! :)

VIP only.  Well, that's the term they put in the invitation.  And by VIP, it simply meant a Mango RCBC credit card holder.  Wehehe.  :-p

I've been waiting for this for so long.  Been holding back from going to their shops coz I know the sale season is coming.  I just didn't expect that I could get a first-day exclusive invites.  I didn't read that one when I signed up.  LOL!

I dropped by Forever21's newest branch in SM Makati first just to check what their latest items are now.  I thought that would be good for price comparison if I find styles that are actually similar from the two shops.  Btw, with the opening of that store, don't you think they actually killed the ladies' department store up two floors?  Just saying.  :-|

To actually practice self-control, my tip (to myself, lol!) for the day is to just go for items that I really like and that might get sold out soon.  This is based from the fact that I well know Mango enough and they will hold this sale for a month I believe and prices will further drop before the sale ends.  It pays to know your favorite shop.  Naks naman!  Hahaha!! I hope I'm right. :-p

Even if I was alone, as Joy wasn't able to come due to a lunch meeting, I had a nice experience.  The staffs were friendly.  Kudos to that greeter at the entrance for that "knowing" look on what I was wearing.  She didn't have to ask if I am a cardholder upon entering.  Prolly a  MNG addict herself, it takes one to know one.  Wahaha!!

They partnered with Mary Grace and Gourmet's for some coffee and pastries to snack on while shopping.  My only gripe is that they didn't come up with something like "best-dressed-in-Mango-customer-will-win-a-10k-shopping-spree".  Hahaha!!  Coz if they did, I think I'll have a chance. :))

I was wearing something from seasons ago, something work appropriate as I have to head to a meeting after lunch.  Of course, I dare not wear something new as it will only pain me to see if that dress or item is already on sale. :P  Since I don't have a nice photo a while ago, allow me to post something from 2 years back. ;-)

My favorite item purchased is my new cats-eye sunnies!!  You all know I've been looking for such shape for spectacles even before right?  Well I think, tinted ones in white frames will do for now. :-p

Even Alix from Cherry Blossom has been spotted sporting them for some time now.  Here's her latest in a Brigitte Bardot inspired post.

For all other MNG lovers out there, catch the regular sale season coming soon. :D

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