Friday, June 17, 2011

HTC's Sensation Bring Sexy Back!

June 15, Wednesday.  HTC unveiled its highly anticipated phones: Sensation and Wildfire S.  The event was held at Republiq Club in Resorts World Manila.  I arrived just in time for Sam Concepcion's opening number "Fire Burning" while models dressed in sexy lingerie strut their stuff in the catwalk for a fashion show.

The party's theme is "Sexy is back!"  With its classy design, stunning display and powerful performance, owning an HTC Sensation is sexay!

After the opening speech of country manager Mark Sergio, the impressive features of the phone were then presented by the product marketing manager from Taiwan.  For more details on the specs, you can view it here.  Two very lucky winners from the audience were then picked from the raffle to win the phones.  The event was hosted by Phoemela Baranda and Meagan Young.

For the final part of the program, celebrity endorsers were then each interviewed about their favorite features of the phone.

The HTC Sensation is now officially in the Philippines with Smart offering the handset for free at Plan 3000 or you can get it from official retailers at a suggested retail price of Php31,990 while the Wildfire S goes for Php15,500.

Now for some personal stuffs: :-p

That's me with Joy from HTC and new friend Geley. Ü

Photo-op with Big Brother teen edition finalist Ivan Dorsner.  He's quite the favorite guy of the night. :-p

'Twas an open bar from 7 to 10PM.  And the first glass of vodka sprite had me tipsy already even before the program ended.  Yikes!  I was informed last night that the effect is stronger if you had it in an empty stomach.  I'm slowly learning.  Aaaargh!!  I had to resist this:

And more photo with gorgeous ladies:

Ms Yam, Geley, Joy, Me and April

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Anonymous said...

I just noticed you have no more braces on lol. When did that happen?

btw Geley is cute :)


CaseyCakes said...

about a month ago I think? :p

yup she is. and her boyfriend is great too. I met them at the party. LOL! Sorry, Wil. :-p

CaseyCakes said...

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