Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy 6th anniversary to Fitness First Manila. :)

To celebrate the event, a series of special group exercise classes were held from Mon to Fri last week, of which I was only able to attend the Friday night class. :-p  It was a Body Jam marathon for 2 hours!

It was exhausting!!  But still I had so much fun dancing.  This is a shot of finally ending it with a cooldown song to Bey's Videophone.  

After the "incident" in the other branch, all that drama last year, one thing I learned is to be choosy when it comes to friends.  To be honest when I first joined this club, I had no intentions of knowing more people.  I was doing great on my own.  My life was quieter then.    

Since I'm more visible in this branch now, I tried to apply that learning here.  I want to be the reserved type but not being snobbish altogether.  Like for example, I smile at people but I don't go go past the required minimum his or hellos.  But the thing is, people notice you, they chat you up and they try to know more about you.  And it's rude if you don't return the warmth the people are showing you.  I guess, I didn't really have to close myself to others because of that one bad incident.  And for the last six months, I've met some wonderful people already.

Take for example Teddy below.  Before we just use to know each other on a first name basis, say his and hellos to each other and make formations in the dance floor when we are positioned beside each other, haha!  What I do know is that he is a wedding coordinator but when we had a chance to chat up for a longer time last month, I had established that he was responsible for some of the major weddings that happened last year.  I was utterly impressed.  Songbird-songwriter wedding?  Check.  He's done some beautiful weddings out of the country too.  You can view his portfolio here.

There's also Karen.  One of the best dancers at Retro Pop.  Now she is a yoga instructor, I've yet to attend her class though.  My yoga sked clashes with hers. Tsk.  I also recently found out that we graduated from the same Alma Mater.  Nice! :)

This is Tita Malou.  A living proof that exercising regularly can make you look young.  Aaah, fresh!

And this is Andre.  He used to do the Saturday classes for Body Jam here but not anymore.  I was happy to see him again.  How attractive is he???  Yay!  Unfortunately for me, he's one of those "happy" people.  I just really had to post this even if the shot is blurry, hahaha!!  I guess regardless of his preference, I will always harbor this tiny "fondness" for him for just being so good-looking.  It's unbelievable the joy that curses through me on those Saturdays wherein he'd comment on my hair flip during the dance.  Yay!  This is saying too much.  Haha! :))

Cheers to more years of fun, fitness and friendships. :D

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