Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dan Vs Zombies!

Do you want a Macbook air??  Well, here's your chance to win one simply by playing Dan vs Zombies in Smart homepage here.

It's easy-peasy.  Just help Dan escape from the zombies.  This promo runs until June 30.  What's in it for me??  Haha, wala lang.  You just might see a very familiar Dan in there. ;-)

My brother is the latest face for Smart Bro Power Plug It and I can't find any clip of the new TV commercial in Youtube.  Hehe.  Here's a behind the scene shot from the game above.

I've NEVER. EVER. played Plants vs Zombies.  Haha!  There was a time when it was a topic for most of the tweets and status updates in FB but I never bothered to be "in".  Not that I don't like it, I just don't wanna get addicted to playing it coz it's time-consuming. :-p  There was even one time, I tweeted about this before, I was watching my brother play the game and I was curious why the chomper hasn't eaten the zombie yet.  So I inquired,

Me (in a panic mode): O, bakit hindi pa kinakain ng chomper yung zombie?
Lem: Nagmamadali ka?  May taxi sa labas? Shempre hindi pa pwede dina-digest pa niya yung isa.

Toinks!  Hahaha!!!  So it turns out, it can't eat two at a time it still has to digest the first zombie.  I'm so ignorant.  Hahaha!!

I hope you enjoy the game above and recommend it to your friends in FB.  Erm, nevermind the voice over, that's not his.  Just saying coz I hate it. :-p 

Today, a fanpage was created for him in FB and I was curious as to who was responsible for it.  I texted him to ask but he said he doesn't know also, just told me to "like" it.  I wanna know because if there is someone who has the complete multimedia files of all his projects, that would have to be me.  Hahaha!!  Someone's taking my job over.  LOL! 

I know there are some people who have a "high standards" when it comes to liking, but if you just feel like visiting and giving it a thumbs up, you can click it here.

And while you're at it, if you enjoy reading this blog, you can also click on the like button below. :)  Muchos gracias. :)

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