Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Going Mexican!

Beach and Burrito.  Can you find any connection between the two??  Hmm, I just noticed that whenever I'm on the beach, I feast on this kind of Mexican food.  I remember having it for breakfast at Boracay for two straight days last March and having it for dinner for two straight days as well when I was in Guam.  What's up with that??

Anyway, I'd like to thank my friend Randy for introducing me to two of the best fast food in town that offers my favorite burritos.  Yay!  That's Army Navy and Ristras.  Both can be found along San Juan area.

Mely and I are on a mission - and that is to explore all the restaus/eatery in Greenhills and along Wilson.  Hahaha!!  We do it on Mondays after gym which means that our 1-hr of Retro Pop dance work-out will just be flushed down the drain.  Hehe.

1st.  Army Navy.  They just opened a new branch at Connecticut Arcade in Greenhills so three weeks ago Mely and I tried it.  They specialize on Burgers and Burritos but it's the latter that we came there for.  So, Mely tried the chicken and I went for the vegetarian burrito.

Their mission as found in their store is to, "Come in hungry, walk out happy!"  Oh yes, we're more than happy to oblige so we added some quesadillas on the side although the serving size of the burrito is already big!  

Priced at Php 145 each for the chicken and vegetarian, Mely and I felt it is not bad at all for their yummy burritos.  I just think that there's too much rice in it but whatever, as long as they have their unlimited garlic sauce, I'm fine with it.  Their garlic sauce makes everything taste better, even the quesadillas.  I recommend this place for all burrito lovers out there like me.

Actually just last week I was back here with a friend after seeing a movie, haha.  Their other food in the menu sounds interesting and some were coined after some US Army/ Navy terminologies but I can't help it, it's the burritos that I went back for.  LOL!

2nd. Ristras Mexican Grill.  It's a tiny nondescript joint located in J. Abad Santos Street near Wilson St in Greenhills.  The place is always packed according to Mely whenever she passes by the area so it's really worth trying to check what the fuzz is all about.  

Mely first ordered, of course a burrito, and we both get to see how it is being prepared right before our very eyes.  The price here is more than twice in Army Navy (Php 290.00) but you've got to understand why, their burritos are GINORMOUS.  Wow!

And the thing is, they are prepared and served to you faster than you could say ginormous. Hehe.  Fast food indeed!  Also, the difference here is you get to choose the ingredients of your burrito.  The usual contents are of course the wheat flour tortilla, beans, rice, the meat, lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc.  The guy behind the counter will customize your burrito according to your taste. 

Ultimately, you have the option to make it a wet burrito.  A wet burrito????  I was just too curious.  So for an additional Php 90.00, I saw what was done in my yet again, veggie burri. Haha!

He added some cheese and other sauces in it and he sprayed it with FIRE!!!  Hehehe.  So by the time it was served to me, it is already dry sort of.  Huh?  Bakit ganun?? Hahaha!!!

Can you believe that I was able to chow down that whole size??  Hahaha!! When Randy heard of it, he was impressed.  When you cut it in half and let it stand vertically, the overall diameter is even bigger than the adjacent Coke Zero.  LOL!!  I was told the serving is good for two people!!  Hahaha, ang takaw ko!!

Mely and I just missed the unli garlic sauce, in here you have to go to the counter to refill your sauce can or ask the waiters.  But for me, the tortilla here tastes better.  It's so chewy like a bubblegum.  Hehehe. :-p  And yep, the meat in Mely's burrito is very tasty.

Hay nako, by this time Randy is introducing again another authentic Mexican restau and asking me naman to try their California burrito!  Yay, mukha na kong burrito!  Hahaha!!  I think he should treat me again this time noh? Libre, libre, libre! LOL!

Until next time peeps!  Of course as soon as I tasted that, I'm soooo blogging it!!!! :))

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