Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Single Diaries: Of Arch Nemesis

Friday, 12-ish.  I was just about to pop down the stairs for lunch when I heard a ping from my yahoo mail.  I went back to my laptop just to check if it’s anything important and I saw that it’s a notification for a message in facebook.  The message reads:

Hello po KC, you’re o pretty! Kamusta ka na?  I guess you also find your true happiness kasi so pretty mo po ngayon. ☺ friends ☺

I just simply had to laugh.  That unmistakable wrong grammar in English, that's just soooo HER.  Sorry if I’m being mean.  I admit I’m a bit OC when it comes to English though I’m not saying mine is always perfect which means I don't have a right to judge but you’ve got to spare me on this one, she was ONLY the girl who stole my ex 7 years ago.

I went to my facebook page just to make sure the message was really there.  And along with the message notification is a red flag also for a friend request.  And yup, her name was there waiting for a confirmation along with other 99 requests.  Uugggh, don’t even ask about this one.  I have this habit on delaying the confirmation especially if I can’t recognize the name or the photo right away.  :-p But this one, unlike other requests, needs an immediate attention.  So, craving for my friends' voice of reason, I posted an update in Twitter.

Aaah, twitter, now what would I do without you? :-p  One broadcast and I know friends who truly care would give a piece of their mind.  Replies came at the speed of lightning.  And with all due appreciation among all the others that replied, I had to consider those from crucial persons.  First one was from a woman in SG, she was there during the “in a relationship” stage.  Second was from a woman who’s currently in Oz, present during the break-up stage.  Last one was from a guy here in PH, my accomplice during the “revenge” stage. :-p

The guy said “forgive”.  Some 5 years ago, he helped me plot a fake panel interview of the girl.  The plan is for me to show up “fashionably late” and appear to change my mind/ make an excuse that I can’t make it for the panel upon seeing the candidate.  Yes, I relished that moment seeing her confident demeanor change to an appalled state when she saw me.  I believe I blogged it here. :-p

On the other hand, the girls have very strong negative opinions.  The Oz girl said “THE NERVE”.  It may have been just two words in all its caps lock glory but I know her enough to get the message.  The other one “ratatatatata-ed” me on twitter saying about how casual the message is, where’s the apology, are we close for her to say those and all other blah.  Erm, I think it is the hormones speaking.  She is 5 months pregnant as of writing. :-p She even quoted me a Paolo Coelho quote about getting rid of negative things for crying out loud!  Haha!

I reflected for a moment to think about her questions.  I think sometime ago there was an apology but not the groveling type to my satisfaction. :-p  It came through a message from the ex right after the interview.  Seven months and still unemployed post graduation, I believe she is “desperate” for a job.  Maybe she doesn’t wanna hamper her chances with my personal matter intervention.  Oh dear, if she only knew, she wasn’t even qualified to begin with.  I also believe she wanted to personally get through me but I didn't allow her to.  I asked the ex not to give my personal number or even my home address.

And about being friends? Whew, okay this is my fault.  I admit initiating the contact to her (or befriending if you’d call it) with an ulterior motive of politely asking her to “lie low” on her connection with the bf then.  Uuugh, the lengths you’d go to for love.  XD But she lied through her teeth insisting they were just friends, that she has a steady boyfriend of 5 years and that there is no need for her to do what I ask.  Very smug.

I went through her profile pictures as the current one is that of her son.  I didn’t have anymore those feelings of pain and anger like when I saw her resume from my teammate’s laptop during her application in my first company.  I can see that she’s blissfully married now to the same guy (her original boyfriend).  Wow, the guy was able to forgive her.  It must have been really stupid of him love.

And as for me finding my true happiness as she said??  There’s only one way for her to find out.  And that is to add her up as a friend in Facebook.  If she’s savvy enough, she’ll get the answer to her questions. 

I ain’t sure what prompted her to do this.  Maybe, just maybe, if you’ve “intentionally” hurt someone from the past, there’s part of you that’ll wonder how that person is doing now and the good in you will always wish that life treated her good.  I’d like to believe that’s her intention.  I always believe in the good side on people although she was the very first one who proved me wrong on that.  The friend confirmation is my way of saying that I’ve put the thing of the past behind me now.  But to actually reply back and directly communicate with her is just too much pressing of her luck.  Besides, I don’t think there is a need for that.  Yeah I don’t think there is.


Anonymous said...

Accept her friends request but put her on a modify view where the only thing she can see is your info..
No access to walls, pics, or status updates.. that way you can still see what's going on with her life, but not yours lol.


CaseyCakes said...

haha! no i dont intend to poke on whats going on with her life.. :-p

Tisha said...

My Facebook is littered with people I've barely had a conversation with (and my friend request list is full of people stuck in FB limbo--they're people I don't know, but it just seems so heartless to press "ignore." I'm weak that way). I really should streamline and make room only for people that matter. Life is too short!

CaseyCakes said...

Hi Tisha, we haven't spoken in person, I hope you won't remove me in your FB. Hehehe.. :-p

Tisha said...


Anonymous said...

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