Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When In Guam

#1 Floral-ize.  Aside from wearing florals/ Hawaiian themed-dresses (I swear if I was given a chance to come back, I will bring all my maxis and curtain dresses, hahaha!!), it would be good for the girls to clip on this Oluolu flower.  Almost all the girls in the hotel are sporting this in their hair, so be sure to get one just to be “in”.  It’s very chic, very Hawaiian! J  It’s a bit costly though (4 USD in the ABC souvenir shop) but whatever, just feel it! ;)

#2 Take a walk.  Flag-down rate for taxis is $2.50 (expensive) and with its total area being 270.2 sq miles, you can just practically walk around Guam for half-a-day.  Weh? Hahaha! I often hear from somebody else that you can walk around Singapore for just a day although I haven’t tried that.  The CEO we met during the second day told us that he calls Guam a “barrio”.  Can you imagine?  Haha!  You can explore a lot if you walk, although I did not do it myself but my country manager did during the last day.  I took the red shuttle that costs $3 one way.  :P

Most of the instructions especially for commuting are in Japanese to cater their most common tourists.  And this is me, inside the Red Guahan Shuttle.

#3 Bring an umbrella.  If you’re gonna walk, you will need an umbrella because not only of the heat but because of this

Look at the nimbus clouds and how it was raining in one part over there.  There was never a day that it didn’t rain/drizzle when I was there.  The occurrence lasts for less than five minutes though so if you’re on the road, umbrellas might be useful. ;-)  Also, I already mentioned in my last post that typhoons can occur year-round for this state.

The photo above was taken from a scenic look-out in Guam which brings me to my fourth…

#4 Visit the Two-Lovers Point.  And please, please, please, please,…………promise me that you’ll bring a lover with you.  Wahahaha!! Or another company. :P

Because if not, you’ll end up doing this below,

See?  I told you so.  I was supposed to wait for my LOVER here.  Where is he, where is he?  HAHAHA!!!

Ever since I saw a friend’s photo of some lover’s point in Korea, I wanted to visit one.  Nothing, it just feels romantic lang.  Like you’ll buy those locks and write your names in ‘em and put messages like a promise of love, awwww..  I’m such a hopeless romantic.  And there I was finally visiting one, but without a LOVER.  WITHOUT. A. LOVER.  LOL!  Hay naku, when these couples break up, I’m sure they’d like to return to those lovers points and have those locks ripped off from wherever they were hanging.  Maghihiwalay din yang mga yan, hahaha!!! Ang NEGA!!! =))

Anyway, the view from here is magnificent.  And it can be quite scary too you know.  Whenever I imagine, how small Guam is and the deep blue sea that surrounds it which is very very very visible at this point, I get the heebie jeebies.  Yikes!  That’s just the paranoid in me speaking.  Like for example, on one side you can see Guam,

And on the other side is the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean.  Scary diba?

In any case, I’m missing the point, even before I went here, a very chatty bus driver (who asked if I'm an "actor" - okay na sana eh?! tsk!) talked to me about the history of this place.  You know the usual drill, two lovers and the world against them (naks!), so they tied their hair and jumped into the jutting peak.  According to the inscribed words in there, the Chamorros look up to that cliff with reverence to pay respect to the young couple who showed that the real love comes from the entwining of two souls – true to one another in life and death.  Heavy-gat, pre!  Hahaha!!! 

#5  Shop at DFS Galleria!! Hahaha!!! They have all the high-end brands there but very cheap! It’s duty-free that’s why.  It’s the reason why I never bothered to go to the Tumon Sands Plaza because we all know what Sands is right?? :P I was aiming for two items here – a piece of jewelry and uhmm, a bag. And both of them as per my canvassing are cheaper here.  Hehehe.  Photo below is in shops opposite DFS. :P
I almost caved in to that designer bag; blame it to that cute sales guy who mistook me for a student.  (Ay sus si ate, na-flatter naman! Hahaha!!!)  By the time he took out the bag, I was already thinking of escape routes in my head.  Hahaha!!  Cleverly I said that first I’m gonna check out the price in PH to which he brilliantly offered to check himself via their internal system.  What can’t Internet do these days??  Aaargh!! In the end, it is still cheaper and he gave me his business card just so when I am ready.  Aww, don’t you just like man like him these days?  Ready to wait until I love again??  Err, I forgot we’re talking about the bag.  Hahaha!!!

On my last day, the pendant won.  And the Filipina who assisted me, gave me a cleaning cloth for free. J  So I now have two hearts.
#6 Chillax in the beach!  Of course, this will never be missed out!  I may not have experienced all the water/ land adventures (and yes, I am looking at you sky-diving!!) but swimming in itself on the beach is already one of my favorite activities.  
Even Mumble chillaxed at the beach too!  See.

Oh btw, if you were looking for him at the Two Lovers Point, he did not go with me.  He’s kind of, scared of heights.  Hahaha!!!

And CCCCUUUUUUUUTTTT!! That basically summarizes my 3-day stay in Guam.  I just have to correct some things from the last post.

-           - I actually heard Hafa Adai (pronounced half-a-day) from a Filipino cashier in a supermarket.
-                           -   The people here are called Guamanians.  :P  But the native are still Chamorros.  I just thought it’s weird to call them with the word Guam in it.  Hehe.

Also, this post is very limited in such a way that I only explored basically the Tamuning and Tumon area.  I haven’t been exactly to the capital which is Agana.  So hopefully sometime I could go back and report to you about it. J  Si Yu’os Maase for reading.  And that’s thank you in Chamorro.  Yeeeehaa!!!

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