Friday, May 20, 2011

10 Things

Got this from Tisha.  10 things I love. :)

#1 Laughter.  I love to laugh. Do a Ctrl F and count the number of times haha appeared in this blog. :P  I love making my friends laugh.  Because I always arrive fashionably late, I always find it a compliment whenever friends would say something like “You know KC has truly arrived when laughter would start to roar.” Hehe.  Oh come on, I know you keep on coming to this blog because of my humor.  And kapwing! (I got this sound effect from Chico of RX), all of you will start clicking that X button on the upper right side of this blog’s window.  Haha!  And just so you know, I laugh the loudest among my friends.  Finesse is not in my vocabulary. :D
#2 Fitness.  Recently, one morning rush topic in the radio talked about the top 10 signs that you’re ugly and one of the responses was, “Ang tunay na pangit, hindi mapakali kapag nag-skip ng one day sa gym.” I beg to disagree!!  (Uyyy, si Ate defensive!)  Hahaha!!  I’m sorry I’m not that pretty but I’m also not ugly noh.  While yes I do have rest days from the gym (translation: days where I just do Pilates or Power Yoga at home :P), I really can’t stand not working out.  I love getting fit.

The most recent fitness-related thing that got me interested is this Endless Pool.  I saw it in a fitness ad while I was in Guam and it got me saying, “I want that!”  A swimming pool/ treadmill in one, lurve that!  Wish I have the moolah!
#3 Singing.  If my mother enrolled me in some vocal lessons when I was younger, I might have pursued a career in that direction instead of where I am now.  Haha!  During grade school days, I would often used a metaphor in my journals, if some people were born with a golden spoon in their mouth, I was born with a microphone in my hand.  :P Taxi drivers would often be amazed when during the entire 1-hr or so ride to my destination; I wouldn’t miss a song in the radio.  Hehe.  Even with a 15-kg of barbel weights in total at my back during squats in body pump, I bloody sing my heart out.  Haha!

That’s why videoke machines are my favorite thing.  I kinda miss it actually; I’m getting tired of this Magic Sing at home.  I want something like that of my uncle’s; it has like a million songs in it.  One day, I will buy it.  And I’m still looking considering vocal lessons at this age; I don’t think it’s too late. ;-)  Photos below are candid: Ako na, ako na! :))

#4  Dressing Up/ Shoes.  Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?  I don’t know how many times I explained my love affair with shoes in this blog and even quoted Carrie’s lines from Sex and the City.  My last count some 2 years ago was that I had 44 pairs and I now have………..actually, I stopped counting. :P 

But the very main reason why is that, I felt deprived when I was young because of my mammoth-sized feet.  I had to endure wearing the same shoes in many school years coz it was hard to find anything in my size. L  That’s why I develop a certain dislike for shoe brands that don’t have the magic number 40 (yes, I am looking at you Nine West!).  It just goes to show how poor their marketing survey is.  Hello??  Don’t they know that kids in PH these days take these vitamins that can boost up their height?  And yes, tall girls can mean big feet, ya know.  Hayst.  Naha-high blood ako! Hahaha!!

#5  Travel.  Do I have to explain this?  If I had to answer the question, if money was no object, what would you do?  Simple: Travel the world. ;-)
#6  Chic-lit books.  I’ve amassed quite a number of copies already from Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, Emily Giffin, Alexandra Potter and many more.  These books offer a really good company.  And I think what I need now is a mini-library to contain them all.  Photo below is not mine.
#7  Blogging.  Some people hate it how others take blogging seriously.  But I do.  I don’t know why.  It’s kind of addicting.  I don’t understand myself also.  I know I have a bomb-ass memory so I don’t think I need to detail everything in an unprecedented level but I can’t help it.  Sometimes I think the reason why i document everything is because one day I will have amnesia (knock on wood, lol!) and I will just look up at this blog and reminisce on my past.  Amnesia?  Jeez, where am I getting this??  Korean dramas.  Hahaha!!  I think I should stop doing this right?  Coz if it happens, then no one will ever do what Adam Sandler did to Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates.  Wahaha!!

But deep inside, I know the reason.  I used to have that someone whom I share everything in my life from the greatest achievements to the very minute details.  When he’s gone, I sort of found a replacement through writing/blogging.  Ayyyy…hehe.. :P

#8 Dogs.  Again, when I grow old and turned up as an old maid (oh please no..please, haha!), I will collect dogs in different breeds. ;-)  I don’t think I’ve ever posted this photo of my dog Betty in here. J

#9 Coffee.  I don’t wanna get addicted coz it’s bad for the health also but my love is not limited to the drink alone but anything coffee in flavor is a favorite of mine – candies, cakes, ice creams, buns…etc.
#10 Falling in . Naks naman!  Is it weird to come from someone who is not romantically in love at this time?  I hope not.  This thing is very elusive but I look forward to that day when it will happen to me again.  For now, I’m happy and contented to see it happen to other people.   J  J  J 

Don't you just love enumerations?  It's my favorite part of the exams.  Hehe. :P  What's your 10 favorite things?  J

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