Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Single Diaries: Something Borrowed Correspondence

So, say Darcy didn’t cheat on Dexter, are we still going to root for Rachel-Dex love affair?  For me, of course not. Yes, it’s me taking the diplomatic high ground here.  And it’s the reason why even if I adulate her more than once in this blog for her divine beauty; my heart still goes out to Jen A. in that Brad-Angelina-Jen issue eons ago.  It’s not a question of who’s hotter, but rather sticking to the high and mighty notion of right vs. wrong or which couple looks better.  Sorry but I don’t think that bimbo (she was a school beauty title holder) who once replied me with “Don’t tell me I don’t warn you.” or pronounces call-outs as call-oats is hotter.  Ha ha ha.  Coz based on my experience, being dumped for someone else is devastating.  All that overwhelming grief, trust me I should know how it feels like.  That’s why I must be on the right side.  Anyways, this thing is done to death so let me move on.

The reason why this book appealed to me so much is because I was once Rachel.  Not the Rachel who got plastered on her 30th and slept with her best friend’s fiancé, God NO!  I’ll NEVER do that!  (Confidence comes from the fact that I don’t drink and have never been drunk all my life.  :P).  Nor Rachel who at one point became one of those women, who carries on a relationship with an attached guy and sneaks around someone else’s back.  Having had friends who were once in this kind of situation, I’m quite grateful that I haven’t been blown with such kind of dilemma.  Coz as it happens, these girls I know of are smart and responsible women and I couldn’t believe that at some point in their lives, they allowed themselves to be the “second priority” and followed their hearts over their minds.  It must be tough being on their shoes and if by some bizarre quirk of the universe, I am faced with such kind of predicament, I hope I will be able to do the right thing.  Anyway, I once again digressed.

As I was saying (lol), I was once Rachel.  Best friend to a self-centered, attention-grabbing, shallow and phony Darcy.  Her name I won’t even deign to mention.  Rachel, who enjoyed the fringe benefit of Darcy’s popularity that at one point after the friendship has gone awry, she received this message in her inbox from Darcy pertaining to her recent photos with her common friends, “Wag kang magbida-bidahan jan girl.  Sino ka ba jan para makilala?”  A wry laugh escaped my lips after reading the whole message.  In my mind I already framed a putdown, cutting remarks and witty ripostes but my good manners reasserted themselves and I took a superhuman effort not to compose a single word to reply. Thank goodness for true good friends, I’d harrumphed to them “How dare she say those words?!” and they’d harrumphed back.  LOL!

In some movie reviews, critics found it hard that Rach was able to stand the self-absorbed Darcy for 30 years.  Well, this is one valid point looking at.  Coz for me, the signs are too visible.  Take this, she once got mad at her sister in law when she saw her praises and comments in my photos.  Obviously, her competitive juices couldn’t take these compliments were directed my way rather than hers.  Tsk!  And thank goodness for consulting with a friend who has experience on psychology, she helped me define the clinical term for it.  Fortunately, mine was just for less than 2 years I believe.  Coz it didn’t take long for her true colors to appear.  And the friendship ended, because IT HAD TO.  No such thing can last when built on LIES.

Like Rachel, I had my Dex too.  Had being the operative word.  No he wasn’t my best friend even before he met Darcy, it was after they broke up.  Yep, my ex-friend Darcy dumped Dex for another.  Being once a “dumpee”, I felt like I was capable of helping him go through this ordeal.  To be honest, I didn’t see it coming.  I was just enjoying having a guy best friend for a change.  I often wondered what would be the difference.  Of course close friends who’re non-believers of purely platonic relationships asks these “what if” scenarios about us, situations that maybe once or twice I toyed thinking about in my hypothetical realm. 

And the thing is I should’ve listened when somebody told me that things can get quite complicated and it happened as soon as someone entered the picture.  Pardon me as I can be emotionally remedial at times but I didn’t think it was wrong to go out with someone else when there was not even a “spoken agreement”, right? :P  While yes I did feel those what was described in the book as “territorial”, but part of me was still considering the ex-friendship.  I guess it’s true when they say you can never mess up with your friend’s (or ex-friends’) exes. Well atleast it’s over now.  Dex and I are cool now and we support each other’s pursuit for true love.  LOL!

As for Darcy, I don’t think we can ever be friends again.  Just like in the second book even when both have found their respective happy endings, there was never an indication that they were reunited.  But the forgiveness was there and even after everything we've been through, I still wish her well.  Coz according to that gem in the book, you will never regret being a good friend. J

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