Monday, May 30, 2011

Mitch's Grad Party

She had just graduated early this year, passed the board exams this April and now as a full-fledged chemical engineer is about to start her career in one of the leading petrol company in the Phils.  Mad props to this girl for accomplishing all these.  Her mother is truly wise for telling her to take after my footsteps enroll in my alma mater and get the best education it can offer.  :P

Celebration was held last Saturday at Yakimix MOA. :D

I skipped lunch for this buffet dinner.  For whatever loss I might incur for the per person damage fee, I make sure to make up for it thru the salmon sashimi.  :P  My absolute favorites! :D  Oh and the sweets also. :)

Afterwards I joined their family and relatives for some drinks at Cowboy Grill in Malate.  It's actually not an upbeat scene and it was my second time there.  First was with my visiting boss and sales manager years ago since it's quite popular for good bands.  And I guess, it still is.  This table is all Mitch's relative.  :P

A day after, I finally found out the reason why I never really developed a liking for alcoholic drinks.  After having about four glasses of that ladies' drink, I observed my whole upper body is red with rashes.  Yikes!!  Until now, I haven't figured out what kind of drink was that served to us but I believe it is something "lite" because the elders on the next table wouldn't allow us to have something hard.  Actually, I think it's more like a fruit punch or something.  Four glasses.  My goodness, what kind of a loser am I?? XD  There's no other blaming for the cause of this as I know my older brother gets the same symptoms when he had too much beer.  I'm allergic to alcoholic drinks.  And I only discovered it at this age.  Yay! :))  Well atleast I now have a valid excuse to my friends whenever they would coerce me to drink past my minimum "tikim" shot.  LOL!  But still they would brand me KJ (killjoy) and not KC.  Whatevs! :P


Tisha said...

I'm allergic to alcohol. I can only have a bottle of beer/glass of anything. Two is pushing it.:s People feel bad for me, but I never really developed a taste for it, so it's all good.

CaseyCakes said...

yeah actually I remembered your post while I was doing this, something about you getting drunk only once is it? :P I guess it's one thing we have in common. :)

Anonymous said...

Its called the asian disease.. I have it as well, but it doesnt stop me from drinking lol...

BTW the chick in black is hot ... Just sayin... LOL..


CaseyCakes said...

oh no Wil, she's only 16 I think. Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

wtf... never mind lol..