Saturday, May 28, 2011


Topshop Galleria re-opened its store last Wednesday.  And since it's a regular workday, I was thinking of choosing among the following to "celebrate" the event since I will be within the vicinity during the launch for some work stuff.  Of course, my attire had to be something passable for corporate look.

#1  An LBD unusually layered with an electric blue tube top I got from the said store.  It was my first time to try this look and it worked I guess.  P.S.  I look emaciated here, must be some trick with the camera or something.

#2  The black jumpsuit.  Still keeping up with the blue theme.

#3  Or the tapered pants - paired with a BF blazer.

#4  Or the bandage skirt - still a favorite until now.  This was taken sometime ago at Joy's office in Makati.  

So in the end, the jumpsuit won.  It's a safe bet knowing that best dressed customer can win a 10k shopping spree.  But the thing is, someone was wearing the same during the opening.  Ha ha ha.  She had an over-the-top silver necklace too.  :P  I didn't realize the winner had to be perfectly clad, with hair-do and everything.  In any case, there were a lot who came modeling their favorite brand's clothes too.  It was interesting.

One of the delicious snacks passed around by the waiters:

It was pretty much crowded inside.  There was a long queue at the fitting room and even in the cashier.

Celebrities and socialites were there but the one who stood out for me was  Youtube sensation Marie Digby.  She is sooo pretty, I wanted to have a photo with her but I was shy to ask since I was alone and didn't have anyone to take a photo for me.  :(

And this is the only photo I can come up with since I also didn't wanna appear a quasi-paparazzi.    This is where you find the benefit of DSLRs right?  Or maybe having a companion with you.  Tsk.  Oh and yeah, to get fully polished for the event.  Check, check, check.  I learned my lesson now.  Hehehe.

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