Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twin Lagoon

Here's a quick preview of my Coron adventure.  It's so beautiful here. :)

Because we already learned from our Bohol snorkeling last year, I came here prepared for the activity.  Haha!!  I mean two weeks before what was I thinking overspending on swimsuits??  Erm, I think I got about 4 new sets.  Yays!  I should be investing on rashguards like what I was wearing above.  Comfort over style like what they always say right?

A day before our Busuanga flight, I was advised to buy these stuffs.  When I checked the items on the mall, I was like WOW!!  I didn't know they can be űber-girly.  For a moment it made me think, why was I not doing surfing or diving before???  Hahaha!!!  Never mind that I am not in a swimwear, they're still pink and soooo chic.  Haha!!  Plus, it's gonna save me from being sooo tanned.  Still have some room for getting dark in Bora.  :P

And I am learning to use fins.  I really see myself doing scuba diving in the future.  Hmm, I wonder if fins come in pink too.  LOL!!!

More posts soon. XOXO! :)

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