Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet The Cast

Aways, LoL!

The Balikbayan.  The Cowgirl.  The Photographer.  The T-Shirt Guy and The Kikay.  :P

And follow them on their adventures to Coron and Bora this week. :D  Apologies for the lack of stories.  I was cramming work for this whole week coz I'm gonna be on leave for 5 days.  WHOA!  I've never done this in my entire life.  Woohoo!!  LOL!

Allow me to share some of my fave group photos from last weekend.

The Kikay and the Balikbayan.  Whenever there are returning residents here in the PH, their itinerary is always crazy.  On his 1st week, Bert has flown south to Mindanao then back to Manila followed by a long drive from Quezon.  This week he was in Singapore to meet some of our friends there.  He's truly one of the influential people not only in the group but also in our school.  And the kaladkarin's sked for this month is all about him.  :))
The Kikay.  Loves to be photographed.  Can live in cowboy surroundings, yes.  LOL!  Had to be the last to take shower on the last day because of the limited volume of water delivered to our kubo (hut).  She can erm help on food preps, just don't rely on her for cooking.  LOL!  I love this shot taken by our photographer Bong.

Above photo is another one of the most impressive shots by Bong.  We were asked not to breathe for about 5 minutes.  Joke.  Haha! 5 seconds lang.  :P  It's that night when we were the only ones by the island.  And the caretakers of course since no outsiders are allowed to stay overnight.  Hmm,  we actually have one more company that night and we will call him by the name of Jose.  His surname is Cuervo.  LOL!  Jose and I don't get along really well you know because...

Obviously from photo above, while the rest are drinking beer, the Kikay is holding a Mango juice.  What a killjoy.  Hahaha!!!

Until the next adventure y'all! :D

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