Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Beach BUM

My life for 2 days at the beach:

 -> Catch up on my recent chick lit book by the hammock under the trees.  Aaaah....

Slept then woke up to the net's print on my back.  LOL!

-> Drink freshly picked coconut juice.  No straws here.  Cowboy living remember?  LOL! Then play with the fruit after.  Haha!

-> Lie on the grass playing po-po-po-poker with friends!!!!! See that serious look on my face?  I'm a hustler baby! Haha!

There's also this highly addictive thing called Fruit Ninja from Joan's Ipad or Dolph's Iphone.  Who invented that thing anyways??  Can't get my hands off 'em.  LOL!

Then while playing my legs got hit by the frisbee from the guys playing in the sand.  Uuugh!  Intentional maybe??  Hmmm...

-> Take a dive and catch some sea creatures.

Charot lang.  I didn't really dive for that blue starfish.  Just posing with it.  Haha!  My friend Bong did get some sea urchins, watched them slice it and eat.  Eeeuuugh!  I saw a huge hermit crab too.  Wala lang.  LOL!

My most favorite part of all, pa-pose pose lang.  By the beach or under the tree.

What I wouldn't give to have this kind of life again huh?  Before I end this, I'd like to thank Aling Divine (the caretaker's wife) for sponsoring all my kurtina (curtain) dresses.  LOL!

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