Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Seems like us five can't get enough of each other.  LOL!  Coz after we landed around lunchtime yesterday, 

We met again for a buffet dinner at Sofitel Spiral Restaurant.  Yay!  This is another one of those Herbert's treat.  :P  Thanks Bert!

This morning we're all supposed to fly to Caticla for our Bora trip.  And I am blogging this at home now coz I re-booked my flight.  :(  I will be joining them tomorrow instead.  And you only know one reason for doing this.  Sigh.  It starts with a letter W.  :P

Anyways, this is me post Quezon and Coron.  Yes it is obvious I am "golden".  But it is also noteworthy how I gained weight from all these recent trips.  Aaargh!  So the only good thing I am seeing for re-booking this flight is some work-out time for me in the gym.  Tsk!

I love Spiral's pistachio fondue.  Yummmmmyyyyyyy!!!! :D

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