Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Bella

It's a charming dessert bar located at Burgos Circle at the Fort which specializes at chocolates and strawberries, Sweet Bella was introduced to me by my friend Randy when he learned how much I loovvvvvveeeee cakes. :P

A kikay like me wouldn't find it hard to like this place.  You'll be instantly drawn to its pink couches.

So what to expect on the cakes?

Honestly, I didn't wanna ruin all that beautifully and lavishly designed "Chocolata" with a signature chocolate butterfly (very Mariah, haha!) but I have to understand why this was included in Manila's Top 10 desserts. ;)  

Randy on the other hand tried their strawberry cheesecake but I wasn't able to taste it.  Hindi kasi kami close.  Hahaha!!

Anyway he's supposed to give me a pasalubong from Vietnam but he wasn't able to bring it. So, he's gonna treat me again next time.  Hahaha!  Joke lang.  Thanks for the treat Randy. ;)


Wil said...

that cake looks fantastic.. I don't know when I'll be back in Manila, but I'm definitely going to hit that up when I'm there.

btw Casey I read your status update with the pick up line "do i know you".. there's a website called rejection hotline where it gives you tonnes of numbers to give out to guys or girls when you don't want them to call you.. they just get a humiliating message when they dial and hear a prerecorded voice in the other end.

CaseyCakes said...

mahilig ka din sa cakes? hehe

haha! ur so funny talaga, you have all these suggestions on courting or rejecting guys. LOL! does it work in PH? what's keeping u busy these days???????????????/

Wil said...

i've been renovating my condo AGAIN lately lol.. so my place is a complete mess, and there's no end in sight.. sigh..
what started out as a renovation of new flooring has been upgraded to do the ceiling, closets, and repaint.
Not only that I've decided to buy new bedroom furniture, so my original budget of 4K has just ballooned to 10K.. wtf lol i'm on crack. haha

Can't wait till everything is done so i can upload photos on facebook, and break it to my parents that i've just renovated.. AGAIN haha.. (they don't know what I'm doing LOL)


CaseyCakes said...

aah that explains the messy photo you posted one!

i dont get it whats wrong with ur old condo??? sira ka talaga!! hahaha!! but i cant wait for the photos though..are u keeping that cow rag?? or was it a zebra print?? akin na lang if ayaw mo na..haha...

p.s., ayaw mo leopard?? LOL!

Wil said...

I've been inspired to upgrade and redo my condo.. (AGAIN).

I was actually thinking of you when I saw my leopard print cow rug folded up in my closet. Remind me to bring it with me when I'm in asia.. I'll have it shipped over to your house.

I've upgraded everything in my bedroom. I've bought a new memory gel foam mattress, 2 very modern, very hip floor lamps.

Google photographer tripod lamp, and fortuny floor lamp and you'll see what I mean.. I can't wait to get them but one is being shipped from India, and the other from HK.

btw I just saw your latest blog pics.. Tell Mitch I said hello, and congrats from graduating from University.


CaseyCakes said...

inspired!! wow!! ahaha!!

yes, yes, i have a new!

i have absolutely no idea about your lamps but im excited to see them..haha!

alright will tell Mitch..she still has to take her board exam.. ;)