Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bora Hi-Lo!

      Bora Hi:

     1.  Jony’s Beach Resort.   Having realized that we saved enough for the airfare (Php 80 one way via CebuPac during the inauguration promo), we decided that we splurge a bit on our lodging.  For the first night, we were offered the honeymoon suite and it was so unfortunate that I didn’t get to enjoy it because I had to rebook and move my flight on the next day.  Nevertheless, upon my arrival we were able to conduct some group pictorial, haha.  These are my favorites.

And this one's in the next room we transferred to:

2.  Island hopping.  Of course if you’ve been to Coron (will blog soon) and you were taken to a sanctuarium such as the one in Bora for snorkeling, you’ll prolly utter something like “WTH, there’s nothing in here.”  There's not that much fish, LOL!  But this particular island named Crystal Cove took me by surprise because I wasn’t expecting something beautifully structured.

 I dunno, maybe I got used to island hopping wherein you see small huts where you can stop by for lunch or something.  It was just too bad that the winds were so strong during our tour we hardly took pictures. 


 B  But one thing that we enjoyed the most in here was exploring the caves.  Though they ain’t nothing like the spelunking we did in Sagada, these mini structures offered a bit of an adventure for us.  Here’s us with the tour guide capturing the exact moment of the strong waves against the rocks.


W   We were the last ones to return to our boat (probably to the dismay of the others within the tour because 'twas almost 1 and we haven't had lunch) but it was well worth it because the group decided that it's gonna be the last stop for fear of the strong waves.  Too bad we were in a boat dominated by women who kept on screaming whenever they see big waves in the rough sea.  And this disappointment came from someone like me who was fast asleep in the boat while all the others were enjoying the view during the return to Boracay island.  I didn’t have enough sleep coz of the early flight you know.  LOL!

1.     3.  Puka Beach.  So this is the other island that we were not able to cover during the island hopping so we hired a trike instead to visit it.  Erm, I finally understood the reason why once I saw the waves on the shore.  My golly!  You saw it from the slide on the previous post right?  The place almost looked haunted to me because of course nobody is swimming on the beach.  But I don’t know, there’s something in here that made me love it.  Prolly because I love a beach that is not so crowded (no one is wearing the same swimsuit as yours in the beach, my M&S case in point.  Argh!), you can just stay put in there and enjoy the view.  Or take a romantic stroll with the one you love along the shore.  Awww, cheezzzzzzzzyy!! Hahaha!!!

      BORA Lo:

1.    1.   Bad weather, bad timing.  The weather forecast told that we should expect some drizzle/rain during our stay.  It did.  The clouds looked gloomy most of the time so no tan lines for me.  :P  The five of us were only complete for about 1 day.  I had to fly on the second day (because of work), Bert had to return on the 3rd day (since he’s flying back to Canada in the next next day) and Bong had to catch an early flight on our last day because of an impromptu US business trip.  What a hectic sked for all of us.  LOL! 
    Also, this being the last leg of our adventures, it only meant one thing.  We’re already broke and we had to cut back on expenses.  Haha!  This is good considering we really intended to just have some R&R (i.e. chillax on the sand).  The island hopping was part of the hotel’s package including a massage and we didn't plan anymore activities aside from those.  Personally I just think that we should’ve scheduled the Bora during the Coron date because uhmm, I think I still haven’t gained weight back then.  hahaha!

2.  Harassment.  Oh god.  I don’t wanna recall.  I was harassed on the plane on the way to Bora.  I took the flight alone and there was this foreign guy on my right side.  I should’ve known he took it as a sign when he put his legs next to mine.  It wasn't really too close but it was barely touching mine.  I didn’t so much bother because (1) I was really really really sleepy.  I only had 45 mins of sleep since remember I had to finish something during the day that’s why I delayed my flight right? Squeeze in a dentist appointment, some work-out and email at night.  Mahirap mag-leave. :(  (2)  I just thought it’s no biggie since you encounter it in like for example, an overloaded jeepney.  I justified it since he’s a Goliath (prolly European) and his limbs are long he prolly needs some space.  But when he started putting his head on my shoulders pretending to be asleep that’s when I sensed something’s not right.  When I finally managed not to recline on the seat, he started putting his left arm on my back I had to move a little bit infront so as he won’t touch me.  Good lord, it was appalling.  The thing is, I was struck in a situation in which I didn’t know what to do. :( He purposely timed his agenda just when everybody’s asleep and confronting him will cause a ruckus.  My only saving grace was that it happened almost during the touchdown so I wasn’t harassed any further. :(

3.  Bert and the Henna Tattoo.  Of course sad to say that it was our last adventure with our import from Canada. :P  

Henna tattoo cost Php 50.00 Maintaining fee. Php 5,000.00 LOL! During the first day, the ink rubbed off on the bed's duvet.  Bert had to pay for the said thing and take it back to Canada. LOL.  Unforgettable. :P

So I guess to cap this off, I'd like to say a big big big big big big big Thank You to our friend Herbert for making this March a memorable month. :)  Sad that I missed the "open forum" part during the first day, I heard may iyakan daw.  Hahaha!!  Geese, we always have this thing whenever Bert is around.  Hahaha!!  Just goes to show how solid this friendship is since our 1st year in college.  What was I thinking, fearing the possibility of losing someone in the cast?  Hahaha.  Ooops, I can't  say much.  Hanggang don na lang. :))

Again, thank you Herbert.  Miss you already.  'Til next time. =)

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