Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My 10 of 2010 Part 1

#1 Major Major Drama

My 2010 sort of kicked-off with a, in the words of our Miss Universe representative, “major major” drama. Of course I don’t have the luxury of time to elaborate on it that’s why I’m writing a book about it. But allow me to give you some “deets” by showing this photo below.

Dang! I was gonna blog about this show right after it ended in our local TV sometime May I think?? But there were just too many things unblogged here. Anyhoo, for those who weren’t familiar, this is a hit Mexican soap that we localized (we call it here telenovela) and the gist is something like best-friends-became-mortal-enemies-due-to-swapping-of-lovers-thingy. Yays!!

Of course, inasmuch as I loved Angelica P. for portraying the role of the “bidang-kontrabida” (the heroine/villain) impeccably, noooo the quintessential good girl role still goes to yours truly. Duh, like I even have to tell you?? * roll eyes * Okay, I’ve always subscribed to the notion that there are two sides in every story meaning both parties have their fault but, and that’s a big fat BUT, this I will assure you and will say with unwavering certainty, “Moral high ground is mine!!” (Ayy, hindi ka naman galit nyan te??? Hahaha!!!)

For a girl like me who is accustomed thrives on drama, I couldn’t believe that my life would involve in such a plot. Geese!! I mean, come on, this gist is pretty common among chick-lit books too and I particularly read one entitled “Something Borrowed” by Emily Griffin. Btw, can I just segue that I’m so excited that it’s translated into a movie this 2011!! And as episode after another unravels like frames on a reel of film infront of my eyes, I can’t help but resonate with Rachel’s character. Seriously, that Hollywood film??? They could’ve just hired me as Rachel and I could’ve won an Oscar!! Hahaha!!!

Sadly, unlike in books or TV soaps for that matter, my story doesn’t have a happy ending. YET, I feel like adding. This is because, as we are speaking now, nobody ended up with anyone. There were no girly catfights, face-to-face confrontations, I-will-retaliate-come-taste-my-revenge or heroine-falls-from-a-building-her-bad-deeds-flash-before-her-eyes-during-near-death-experience-ending-to- and there’s that word again, major-major-reconciliation-everybody-happy-finally-thing. None. There were just shocking revelations in between, test in my character and lessons learned on my part.

Let’s skip the lessons learned for the meantime shall we?? It was just amazing how I was able to persevere at the end. You’d think being bombarded with SMS everyday accusing you of things you are not, calling you words that you are not and insulting you physically (geese, this is sooooo low and downright miserable on her part noh?), you’d have caved in and retaliated. But thankfully, I already learned from my last dealings on that beeyotch girl who stole my ex and remained on my stellar chair remembering carefully, in the immortal words of my friend Xiela (yes, may cameo role siya, hahaha!!!), not to stoop down to her level. :P And for 6 months, SIX MONTHS, I made it!!! Hahaha!!! it had been such a gargantuan effort on my part, I may say.

Gosh, there are so much more juicy details, only that I remember this is just a summary and I’ve already occupied one whole page of my MS Word. LOLs!!

#2  The Braces

Having thought that my first bullet came so heavy, let's go to something so trivial such as my braces.  LOLs!  I had it sometime Dec 2009 and this won't be around for this year.  Well, as I am writing now, it is still here even if my dentist wants it removed already.  It's just so sad I kinda feel attached to it already.  It's like my teeth are bare without it.  Hahaha!!  One thing made me decide to finally remove it, aside from the fact that my bite is already corrected, lol!  You'll learn it below, but for the meantime I'll share this photo.  Hahaha!!

without/ with braces on
I sort of collaged it because (1)  I can't bear just showing the right side photo alone it's so embarassing.  Soo Ugly Betty of me.  Hahaha!!!  (2)  Left side is one of my fave photos shot by Wil and you can see from there nothing's really wrong with my smile eversince I'm just too "maarte" to insist on having brackets.  Hahaha!!! Kidding. 

Okay I can't just resist taking dibs on her, I mean if she calls me "insecure" then why is she having braces installed on her teeth just recently??  Haaaaaayy naaaakkkooooo!!!  All I can say is, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."  I, thank you.  Bow.  Hahaha!!!

#3  Driving and Photography

So I sort of vowed to learn atleast something new last year and I have finished both classes.  Again, driving is something I wasn't able to blog here.  It was nothing much coz all I got are these driving teachers flattering me that I look like this celebrity I look like that.  Hahaha!!  I dunno what they're getting with all these??  Anyway if there's one thing I realized is that, driving bores me.  :-|  It's so tiresome I get sleepy and it's slightly worrisome noh?? Yay!

As for photography, you were all informed about this.  :D  I do intend to take advance photography classes this year with my established friends from the basic class, it's just a matter of clearing our skeds.  So here's a candid shot taken by one of our classmates,

taking pic in the class
By the way, what do you think of that photo above my head??  We were all "gobsmacked" when we saw that during the project submission.  Hahaha!!!

#4 Fun Runs

I ain't sure which country is not "big" on this activity last year.  And it's quite an achievement having improving PRs (personal record) on 5K until finally participating in 10k before the year ended. :)  Having said that, 21K is still a half-marathon.  Okay, let's take it easy.  I believe there will be more 10Ks this year and I also got invites to do it out of the country so let's see.  We shall see. :D

I like this pic, parang ang angas lang!!  Asteeeeeeeg!!  Hahaha!!

#5 The Guy Best Friend

Early this year, I had the chance of having a guy best friend.  Whoa!!!  And I can almost see that shocked reactions from regular readers, curiosity piqued as to who is this guy I'm talking about since you've never heard about him in this blog.  Hahaha!!  The reason why I never blogged about him is because he is such a famous celebrity.

Actually it was just me coining the term 'GBF'.  This is because (1)  I've always wanted to have a guy best friend! :D and (2) people have been calling the relationship 'this and that' which I don't want.  I may love Math and all but relationship isn't like Geometry where you formulate hypothesis and invent postulates to prove two triangles are congruent like that.  Sorry but I'm a stickler for affirmations, confirmations and the likes.  And I like a solid response to people who asks what's the score even if the response I got is an exasperated snort-eye-roll combo.  The gist is, I don't want to ASSUME.  Coz as the saying goes, "Never assume because it makes an A** out of U and ME."  Got it?? :))

I've always wondered how it's like to have a guy best friend
Will he be like a brother to fight for me and defend??
Or will it be like in the movies where I fall for him in the end??

For some reason I can't find a way to end these lines (I dare not say it poetry, lol!) I created, I have this feeling it's because the story ain't over yet.  So there, I'm posting this photo of us for a limited time only, hahaha!!  It shall be removed after some time.  :P

Oh and before you click on "read more", let me just warn you that he is not a famous celebrity.  Hahaha!!! Gotcha!!  Happy April Fool's!!  LOLs!!!!

Please stay tune for my Part 2.  Pretty-pleasey-pumpy-wumpkin??? :))


Tisha said...

I used to have a guy best friend. But it got...complicated. So good luck!

P.S. I don't like driving lessons. Being confined for hours in a car with a man I hardly know isn't my idea of fun.

CaseyCakes said...

Err, at the onset things are complicated already but I think things are better now..

And as for driving lessons, well they allow you to bring a friend during the lessons it's just that no one's available.. :P