Friday, January 07, 2011

My 10 of 2010 Part 2

#6 The Almost Lover

I know, I know. I already wrote multiple entries about him in this blog. And the fact that he made it in the highlights is in itself saying something noh?? Can’t get over?? Haha, not really.

You see the whole thing didn’t last the grand sum of a week, and it’s not exactly up there in the echelons of romance but I was grateful to him. For what??

For having someone who is equally crazily attracted to you; for that stupid smile that I can’t take out of my face whenever we say our goodbyes to each other; for displaying tender affections past caring what other people say. I haven’t felt those in years. Some call it electricity. And it’s as if someone plugged me in the mains. It made me feel so alive. There.

Was it love? Nah, I don’t think so. Because for sure I had cried rivulets of tears, which is of course I hadn’t. But damn it had to be close. So thank you. And if you think you’re being lucky to get a glimpse of him in here, then think again. Haha.

Okay since we’re talking about almost lovers, this 2011 I’d like to say goodbye to Chinese businessmen. Last year it was already bad enough that I encountered one, but same scenario on another one?? Aaargh!! XD

These men, I mean, if business is their priority, then they should just bloody jolly well stick to it right?? (Wow, how bitter as ampalaya can one get?? Hahaha!!) Come on, they still haven’t learned from this line,

“You don’t have to be rich to be my boy”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well if that’s what buys them their luxury cars right?? Who needs ‘em anyways?? Say what?? LV car????? Or Audi R8???? Duh?!?!?! * major major eye roll * Any minute now I’ll start breaking out to Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much so before I do that let’s move on to the next topic.

#7 Family

Because again, in the words of another Ms Philippines representative, “my pamili, my pamily is the most important persons in my life.” :P

This 2010, our family had the chance to finally see our precious baby!! My adorable nephew Dadan. That’s how he says his name Aedan. =)) Sooooooo cute!!

Sorry to Luke the-Bahay-Kubo-singing-sensation in Youtube, he’s not anymore the cutest baby for me. Hehe. :P Or that Charlie-bit-me-with-a-cute-accent for that matter. :P Aedan is now my favorite kid in the world.

Also, let’s not forget my sister-in-law Denise. :) Family’s getting big. Yay!! :D

#8 The Bangs

Erm, I had to include this separately from the braces because as you know me, I’m big on enumerations and matching. I need this bullet to make it exactly 10 for 2010. Haha!! This was rather experimental on my part and it was good trying something different for a change. Oh include in here hair highlights which I haven’t done before. Hmm, still toying about the idea of curls for 2011.

#9 The Year in Fashion

Floral was quite big for me this year. Giddy about leopard still big ‘til now. There were denims, jumpsuits, men’s wear and rompers. Belted on floral, belted on denim, denim on floral and different combinations. :P

2010 Fashion Collage
#10 Travel

Macau, HK, Noida, Bangkok, KL, Singapore, Jakarta. Cebu-Bohol locally. :) Had I made it to China it would’ve been a total of 8 + 2 = 10. Sigh. Oh well. :P

And another thing to note is those "mini" extreme sport adventures take for example the jumping off the cliff in Bataan and doing the plunge in Davao.  I wonder what's next??  Bungee Jump??  Hmmm, we'll see.  :P

So excited for 2011 since travel for the first 3 months was already planned.  Hahaha!!  And seeing the NYE celebration in Bora last week, I think I need to be there during the same time next year.  So fun!  Who's with me?? :P

2010 Travel Collage



Tisha said...

Bungee jumping--go for it! Just make sure to pee beforehand.:D

CaseyCakes said...

yeah..was actually inspired from ur post..really wanna check out Bali! I just wish i have someone to jump with. Haha!! :D