Monday, January 03, 2011


First day high!  At the gym, I debuted my pink trainers shown below. =)  It was discounted in the shop at half of the original price and had my size which meant it really was for me.  :))

pink trainers
Yay!! Seems like I'm pulling off a Mariah with all these pink stuffs I'm recently getting.  XD  Blue has always been my gym color, I dunno whatever happened to that.  LOL!!  And this color is so hard to pair up with. XD

at the gym
See that gym bag behind in pink??  Aargh!!  Anyways, they're really comfy and can be used for running. ;-)  I also wore it coz I have someone visiting me in the gym.  I call him "import", haha.  It's his first time in that branch. :P

candy dress
Doesn't this dress remind you of that red and white candy dress??  Sweeeeeeeeeet!!  Hehehe..

And the rest of the evening was spent with a lovely dinner and some local horror flicks.  :P

Apologies for the whole vanity/nothingness of this post.  Like I said, it's simply a first day high. :)  I hope your 1.1.11 was spent with your loved/special ones too. =)


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