Friday, November 12, 2010

Olivia, Olivia, Olivia

For someone like me who doesn't watch her shows, it's amazing how I've developed a slight girl crush for Olivia.

Actually sometime way back I read a short profile of hers and apparently there were some issues on how she achieved her It-Girl status.  But my recent scoop is that my favorite fashionista has teamed up with one of my favorite brands Mango for their fall 2010 campaign.  Olivia Palermo for Mango (add to it her swoonsome boyfriend Johannes Huebl) = pure fabulousness!!!

I can't wait to have a copy of the catalog!! :P

And here are some more snaps why I really really like her.  Some character study through the photos, hehe.

A socialite on a bike!!  See she's just normal like us.  Only she's totally rocking it with her Hermes birkin bag and some pointy booties. Wow, I wonder how she did it!  I hope there were photos on her while in it.  :))

Yep I know that was some fierce shoes in there but it's not the point of discussion.  You see paparazzis can be very mean in their photos.  Flaws like in above picture such as veiny legs/ feet can never be missed out.  But that's one more reason to like her right?  She's not perfect but she makes it seem so by wearing the proper accessories or personally I call this technique "diversion".  :P  Nothing, I just can totally relate because I share that same dilemma.  :P 

Smile, an everlasting smile.  I've seen millions of photos of her and in most candid shots she still manages to smile sweetly for the paps!  Yep that's the best accessory one girl can have! :)

Apologies for the Olivia overload.  Just feeling a tad lazy to blog personal stuffs. :P  I remember I still have some unfinished SG travelogue before I move on to my Jakarta diaries. 

And yup, I'm back in Manila.  Feels good to be home! =D


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Tisha said...

Ack! I've been looking all over for pants like the ones in photo no. 2.:s

CaseyCakes said...

Whoa! Blog visitor from NY!! Haha!! I've got something similar from Maldita..posted somewhere here but I can't find anymore, haha!! thanks for the comment!