Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Times like this is when I appreciate packing extra clothes!!  Our Monday night flight got cancelled!!!!  And we were extended for 2 more days here in Jakarta!!!

It was 4 PM on a Monday and we were having a real late lunch at the food court of Plaza Indonesia when we learned the news.  We were like, what the heck???  Granted there were 21 active volcanoes when we reached Indonesia but the only caveats given to us were against flood (rainy season), traffic jam and to take only Blue Bird taxis!!  Not a Mt. Merapi volcanic eruption leading to flight cancellations!!  Wah!

Anyways, initially we were shocked and for some minutes we lingered by the restaurant figuring out what to do until about an hour after we feel better already.  We treated ourselves to this yummy frozen yogurt by Grand Indonesia mall - my favorite brand thus far.  Why?  Read it, it's unlimited!!!  Haha!! :))

And to comfort ourselves, we kept on watching this funny video of ours at Starbucks in Plaza Indonesia.  LOL!

Really wanna go home......


Nivek said...

Hope you girls stay safe in your extra vacation.

I heard that the US rushed Obama through because of the volcanoes.

CaseyCakes said...

Hi Kev! Thanks! We're back in Manila. =)

Yes Obama was there for 2 days.