Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SG with Friends Day3: Russell Peters & MBS

When I reflect how that day was spent, I couldn’t believe it either. LOL!

After the Universal Studios visit, there was some “little” drinking session at the Hougang apartment wherein Plokie cooked some delicious pasta (w/c I forgot to take photos using my cam because it died on me in the Jurassic Park ride remember?) and some vodkas bought from the airport were opened.

Since my three buddies (Bong, Dolph and Joan) are leaving for KL the next day, I wholeheartedly volunteered to process and compile the photos from the guy’s DSLRs before they leave. All for the bloody love of photos, hahaha!!! I remember finishing them around 3 or 4 am in the morning, just in time for the said three to wake up and prepare for their flight. It’s okay, atleast I got a new profile pic in FB. Hahaha!!!

Therefore I slept late and woke up around lunchtime still slouched in that extra bed by the living room with Mark, Xiela and Wen watching what? ABS-CBN’s shows available via TFC. LOL! ‘Twas a beautiful Sunday and the mall beckons but there I was too lazy to heed their call. Would you believe it??

And to keep us even more glued on the beds on that lazy Sunday morning, Mark whipped out his DVD copy of a certain stand-up comedian in the name of Russell Peters. It’s pretty impressive how he can fill the Madison Square Garden huh?  

It’s amazing how he is very observant when it comes to different races’ behaviors/ mannerisms and how he tosses out some humor from it. LOL!  This is a funny clip about the Indians and Chinese in a Louis Vuitton store. OMG, this is HIGH-larious you should really see this!! HAHAHA!!

There's also another one about Indians and Filipinos in this video.  Hahaha!!!

After about 2 hrs of watching his DVDs, we finally decided to drag our lazy asses out of the bed and go to Marina Bay Sands for dinner.  Yays!  This is the must-visit place I took note of during the first day.  Remember that boatlike structure resting on three buildings here? 

For this night, I still very much stuck to my floral theme SG visit and it was my first time to wear my MNG Lolita dress, hehe.  :P  To make things more fun, I asked Wen and Xiela to borrow some of the extra clothes I have so we'll have a common pattern and do a photoshoot in MBS.  Hahaha!!  See?  This is another advantage of packing up extra clothes, lol!  It all started out when Wen took notice of this floral romper while we were watching ASAP via TFC.  I told her I have something similar to that in my luggage and she can very much wear it.  Haha!!  Then I produced it out - the floral romper I bought in Bangkok and wore while shopping in Chatuchak market.  :P

And the best line from Wen when she saw the dress was, "Walang pagsasabitan ang damit na to!"  There's nothing for this dress to hang on to my body, hahaha!!  This taking note of Wen's boyish frame.  :P

Xiela tried on another one of my floral jumpsuits but she's just too voluptuous for them.  :P  Her curves are waaaayy too much too handle for my dresses.  She was also not feeling well that night.

Aww I miss this trio.  Xiela and I are referred to as "twin towers".  But with Wen around, we were known in college as.................... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!!

There is a fee when you go up that boat structure and we figured it wouldn't be best to spend out some moolah for a nighttime view so we just stayed well within the mall.  There were just a few shops open but already I can feel myself zinging with excitement for the opening of some shops.  Imagine seeing Manolo Blahniks in SG!!  Carrie's Blahniks!!!  Hahaha!!  And there are some other brands too that I just encountered in Shopaholic book, LOL!! 

Prolly this time more high-end shops are already available since it boasts of its 800,000 square feet of luxury retail and restaurant space.  It also has that Gondola ride thingy same in Macau's The Venetian.  I'll definitely come back to this place when I have the chance next year.  ;)

I soooo feel sorry for that night when Wen lost her phone in the cab.  I reckon the romper's pockets are too small to handle the handset it slipped off.  Yay!  :-|  But according to Xiela's blog:

.......With that, I'd like to commend my friend Wen, for wearing that dress of KC, I know it's a hard task keeping those high standards of KC when it comes to dressing up (or fashion), so, well done my friend Wen, way to go girl (LOL).

Hahahaha!!  I only saw this about 3 weeks ago coz I didn't know her blog is still alive and I'm not sure about this "high standards of KC" she's talking about.  Geese Xie, what an exaggeration.  Hahaha!!!  And since she said she gets embarassed talking about her blog, you can check and visit it here.  LOL!


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