Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SG with Friends Day2: USS Highlights

Well, I have to say, this has been the whole point of this entire trip – to visit Universal Studios. Despite advice from SG colleagues that it may not be fully opened yet ( all rides not yet available), I asked SG friends to reserve tickets online (read: panic buying, haha!!) when I learned sometime two months before the trip that some FB contacts weren’t able to enter because tickets were already sold out. It sure sells like hot pancakes huh??

And so here are my USS highlights:

#1 Pic w/ Puss. I’m not a cat person. But there’s something about seeing a live Puss that’ll make you gush up and soften at him. Charisma perhaps?? Haha!! You can’t help but recall that scene in Shrek with his irresistible big round plaintive eyes. Awww. Haha!! This profile pic earned a lot of likes in my FB. :P Here he's portraying a different role, he’s a smitten kitten (just for rhyming purposes, haha!). So I have to say yes, it’s a yes Puss!! :P

#2 The Jurassic Park River Adventure and my camera. I take pride in the fact that whenever I take joyrides like this, I’m always in the lucky position – the least one to get wet. But when our raft reached that bloody apex with a velociraptor lunging out at us, I had that feeling. I also got that same feeling during company lucky draws wherein I was certain my name will be called out next. And true enough, it did.  And so when that vortex opened which happned to be just right beside me, in came the rush of water as we slide down swishing in on me. Great!!!! Here’s me all wet.

I freaked out when I felt my blue satchel, which I got from BKK, was wet too. Immediately I rooted for my damp camera and upon inspection, it won’t turn on. =( I tried removing the battery and the SD and dried them up thru the fan inside the toilet. Still won’t function. I accepted my fate. My pink Kodak V803 camera is gone. In the comfort room, where next to me is a mummy replacing her babies’ nappies with god-knows-what’s-inside-it, I tried to conjure up memories shared with my camera.

Even with that eugh repugnant smell coming from the nappies wafting around, I concentrated on recalling the day I purchased this cam with my pink credit card (via installment plan) right before my first Singapore trip. It also had its “moments” in Korea, whereupon it fell while I was removing my gloves while picturing a temple, (it’s first fall!!) and my oh-so-dreamy colleague Samuel from Spain who was passing by thought it was his fault and gently held rubbed my elbows to apologize. Sweet. This cam also braved the depths and heights and cold the of Sagada caves. Adios, my pink camera. You served me well.  It was a solemn moment.

But fast forward to next day upon pressing the on button, its lens came rolling out springing out to life and was almost blinded from the flash that came out of it. Astonishing this camera is!! Hahaha!!!  Nagpaka-emo pa ako sa toilet!  Haha!!

#3 The Revenge of the Mummy Ride. One big regret I had during the visit was not purchasing that snapshot during the Mummy ride. It’s very funny to look at. Right in front of the car is me looking like a diva, well sans the requisite mic. Why? My left hand is on my heart and my mouth is wide-open. Parang bumibirit lang. Hahaha!!! But Mac’s is a different story. He was actually on my left side, the first one to ride the car. He was tough as boots even in the beginning, belittling his wife’s acrophobia (Xiela stayed well behind during all rides) and even showing impatience during the long queue. But when the pic came out on the screen, he was looking _________________.

Hahaha!! You take a guess. He’s been following this SG with Friends series. Hey Mac, fill up the blank. Hahaha!!!

#4 The Penguin Dance. We’re dying to have pictures taken with the penguins of Madagascar. And when they finally came out for the parade, I haven’t an iota what brought about this "brilliant" idea.

Naturally we can’t have our pic taken yet. They still have to do their dance and all that stuff. Suddenly Xiela came up with a plan, “Tara gayahin natin” or something to that effect so we can follow them around during their parade and of course fulfill the purpose of having our pic taken.  Just like an automaton she started imitating the dance steps of the penguins (a basic up and down movements of their limbs), which rubbed off on me so I started doing the same and Plok too until after some seconds, the staffs ordered us out of the way. Whenever I recall this incident, I can’t help but let out a chortle. I mean, seriously, what the f*** are we thinking right there making a total a** out of ourselves?? Hahaha!!! We're that eager we can't wait for them to finish their show and queue up for the photo-ops????  Classic!!! Hahaha!!! Here’s proof:

After this episode, somehow our group got divided so while I was out thre with Dolph, Joan and Plok riding the Madagascar carousel,

Xiela and Mac were lining up for the penguin photos. Arrrgh!!!

Soooo cute!!!! I meant the penguins, not the couple. LOLs!

Anyway, for sure there’ll be lots of opportunities to visit and see them again. I mean look at Xiela, she’s been there like what 4 times already?? And she hasn’t tried any of the rides. Hahaha!!! Just collecting photos with the mascots. Hahaha!!!

Not only do we have the penguin dance, there's Egyptian dance as well, lol!

And even more wackiness as the evening wore on,

And because Mac wasn't in the above photo,

This is supposed to be my favorite solo shot with the globe and just look how Mac had to ruin it all for me.  Hahaha!!! Joke lang.  :P

Updates from Randolph Mr Excited this day, he wasn't that shy anymore in taking solo shots with any scenes he jolly well like.  Hahaha!!  It took him two days to realize that I can blend in with the Singaporean girls with my 'do (the bangs).  I mean hello, that was my aim all along.  Anyway, my white tank top is from Warehouse and floral tube top and shorts both from Zara.

Fun times!!! 

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