Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sa May Fort (The S One)

Honestly, it's such a shame that I only got to appreciate this place only now.  I mean, for sure all of us had once or twice scheduled a field trip in our gradeschool years here being a historical place and all (read: tourist spot).  But I vaguely have memories of me in this place.  Was I absent during the field trip?  LOL!

Fort Santiago (Spanish: Fuerte de Santiago Tagalog: Moog ng Santiago) is a defense fortress built for Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi. The fort is part of the structures of the walled city of Intramuros, in Manila, Philippines. José Rizal, the Philippines' national hero, was imprisoned in the fort before his execution in 1896. the site features, embedded onto the ground in bronze, his final footsteps representing the walk from his cell to the location of the actual execution.

I remember my ex-boss having their pre-nuptial photos taken here.  But never really took notice of the place in the photos once they came out.  My college campus is just walking distance from here and yet it only took enrolling in photography classes to see its beauty.  Tsk.

And the thing is, during Saturday afternoons in the class when we're supposed to take pictures and practice, the rain would pour down.  But then there was one fine Saturday with a very cooperative weather.......

Actually photo above will earn lots of critic from teacher (ssshhh, haha!) but whatever, its my favorite part of the whole place.  Such a beautiful garden noh?  I was reading some posts and I learned that the fountain has a name.  And so, I therefore conclude, I still haven't really studied much the place.  Hahaha!!

But then my favorite part is when you get to be photographed in the place, hahaha!!  Because as one teacher put it, maybe if you really don't have the talent in photography, you can always do modelling.  Hahaha!!  So I'd like to thank Riel (my new classmate/friend) for the shots.  :P

If teacher sees these photos, for sure she'll say "What the hell you think you're doing there posing???" Hahaha!!  Aww, last day is on Saturday already.  I'm so gonna miss my classmates.  And it being graduation day, I'm still hoping I could get to roam the place for the last time maybe??  And to be able to do that, I must either:

a.  Arrive early before class at 9 AM.
b.  Sacrifice time with my crush groupmates during lunch and shoot.
c.  Ditch the gym after class ends at 5 PM??

Think, think, think.............


Anonymous said...

Ciao Bella,

Greetings from Rome.

Im glad you're finally taking photo lessons. I see you know how to use the aperture settings in some of your shot.. slow shuytter, isolation of plant etc.. good good.
Take me to this place the next time I'm in the Philippines, and we can do a workshop together lol.. I'll be the teacher, and you can be the student/model lol..


CaseyCakes said...


EAT EAT EAT in Italy!! Hahaha!!!

Haha! I think those are still considered poor shots! :P

I still have assignment for portrait shots and still life! Waaaahhh!!! =((

On a positive note, yes I'd take you there..historical place yeah learn more about ur country! hahaha!!!