Friday, October 15, 2010

SG with Friends Day1b: My SG Firsts

I remember how rigid the agenda was for our Day 1 considering the other 3 who flew with me (Bong, Joan & Randolph) will squeeze in a little KL trip after 2 days in SG. I decided not to join them anymore since I’ve just been to that place. I even remember Randolph texting me while I was in KL if I’d like to join them in the sidetrip. Haha, how funny the timing was. :P

So for the first day, by hook or by crook, we have to roam SG for Randolph’s benefit. And as for my part, I experienced a lot of firsts also. Take for example, a daylight photo by the statues in Orchard Road. :P I only have a night shot in here around October last year, haha!

There is also the new Circle Line (CCL) in their MRT line, which will be fully opened by 2011! :) They have this sort of transparent escalator system with sensors perhaps wherein the speed varies whether depending if there are passengers or not. So them having noticed that, someone asked

“So ano ang benefits nyan?”

And then me putting my thinking cap on responded, “Meron kasi diba speed equals distance over time?”

HUWOW!! Very relevant KC, very relevant. Palakpakan!! Hahaha!!! Pardon the stupid answer but I was supposed to explain something about power conservation. Hahaha!!! It must be the drowsiness, sheesh.

Nothing, I just realized in one way or another Randolph & I have this thing for discussing academic subjects. I remember when we were in Bohol while waiting for our “jifline” turn, he also asked some question about the principle behind the “jifline”. Then I went on asking him that it should be involved in that category of “wedges, pulley, lever, screws etc.” Then I ask him what category do they belong again. He gives this look as if I asked what is the answer of 1 plus 1,

“Ano ba yan? Simple machines lang hindi mo alam?” In a kidding way of course. Then I remembered the “middle name” episode and I was supposed to bring up how poor his memory is when I was distracted that someone called my surname coz it’s already our turn.  It’s as if we’ll still be joining quiz shows and the likes that we have to remind ourselves of trivias or any other information every now and then.  Weird!

me in the reserved seating, pasaway! haha!!

mga sabik makita sa TV!!  Hahaha!!!
I ah didn’t know for how long we’ve been walking and riding the MRT. But we stopped by the Esplanade because it was raining. It was what? My 9th or 10th trip to Singapore and it was my first time to get inside it. Yay! And I swear, I could sleep right then and there by the couch.  So tired!  This is Bong trying to photograph me in my sleepy state.

sleepy in Esplanade; floral top from D. Perkins

While I leg it across the bridge going to Merlion Park, there’s this new amazing structure that caught my attention. I’ve never seen it before. Note to self: Must visit w/in this trip.

Finally, after a few pictures here and there, here we are at Merlion Park! Yay! Mr. Excited has finally met the Merlion. Haha!! Aaah Singapore, never runs out of tourists huh?? It was still hard to get a solo pic. Merlion so famous. :P

Yays, it’s also my 1st daylight pic with Merlion.

After that somebody was craving for ice cream, so we looked for the dirty ice cream man and I just had my first taste of SG’s 1-dollar ice cream.

Delicious!! Really, they’re just your ordinary flavor, which is the counterpart of Selecta here in PH, but there’s something about it cut in rectangular form and sandwiched between two wafers that is so yummy!! I dunno pero masarap! :D No wonder it was recommended in Cebu Pac’s magazine as a must-try. (Not that I read during the flight coz I told you I was out like a light.)

And then after some more walking around 6 PM where there is still daylight, we reached Clarke Quay where Shiela is supposed to meet her husband Mac. Mac refused to join in the night agenda which is gadget shopping since he’s got to work at night. Yays to that, I decided to back out also because my nee for sleep can’t be ignored, sidestepped or resisted anymore. The 3-hr shuteye in the plane didn’t last me through the day. Sheesh!

Around 830 PM, I was awaken to everybody coming home (I slept on the sofa, hahaha!!!) with their shopping bags.  But I've got to prepare coz there's one more agenda for the night:  party!!  Yay!!  I've never done this in SG yet.  Yay to first times! :P

We are a complete batch of Mapuans at DXO!  Where the ladies get to enter for 1 SGD compared to 17 SGD for the men!!  It's ladies night!  Haha!! Bright idea from Plok! :P

with Plok @ Clarke Quay
complete cast! :P

Filipino band playing that night

with the much-missed Lola Wen!!
My floral # 3 (2nd change for the day, haha!!) is my fave party dress from MNG. What an eventful day!

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