Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SG with Friends Day1a: Mr. Excited

Two months may have passed but I still remember the day before our departure. It wasn’t much different to our Cebu trip last month: the cramming, the lack of sleep, etc. Well, for me haha!! After attending a hiphop class in FF SM Megamall, I was sorely tempted to stop first at Forever21 but figured I won’t have that ample time so up I went to the 5th floor to get my nails done at Nailaholics.

Came home late then packed my stuff and around 1 AM before finally hitting the bed, I asked my friend Randolph to drop by around 330 AM because we’ll be sharing taxi going to the airport. It was an early flight but atleast it’s acceptable because we’re going to another country (and not just a nearby province like Cebu!!!) and it’s Randolph’s first international trip. Hahaha!!! Ssshhh!!!

I remember closing my eyes trying to fight past bleakness so I could get atleast an hour and a half worth of shuteye but to no avail. Weird, I don’t remember taking any coffee jelly that day. So around 2 AM, I rouse myself and took a shower. I was blow-drying my hair around 2:45 AM when I received an SMS from Dolphy saying he’s already on his way!! ON HIS WAY!!! I told him to come over at 3:30!! Aaaargh!!!

15 mins after, the taxi’s parked infront of our house and I figured it’ll take another quarter of an hour for us to reach NAIA which gives us about almost 3 hrs to wait for the flight. Great!! Bloody great!! Oh boy, you can’t have your way with Mr.-Excited-On-My-First-Trip. Haha!!

At Terminal 3, I was toying about the idea of having a short nap while waiting for the other two guys who live about 5 mins away from the airport when my phone rang displaying a blank number indicating a call from a faraway continent. It’s our friend Bert from Canada who of course is just as excited for the Kaladkarin’s 1st international trip. LOL!!

He called for about an hour and a half. See how envious he is of us?? :P Long queue on the tax payment, quick noodles by the concessionaire and our names paged about two times (blame it on their poor communication system :P), we stepped inside the aircraft and I swear I could feel everybody’s eyes on us as our quadruple inch our way thru the last row!! LAST ROW, mind you!! Sheeesh!! But it’s not like we caused a major delay or something! These people! I mean come on; we also have a first-timer to Singapore! Hahaha!!

Once settled in my window-side seat at the last row, I was of no use to everybody. I even remember deciding on the last minute to bring my SkullCandy headset to help me sleep during the flight, but there was no need. I was simply beat. That’s why Bong, Joan & Randolph have they group photos and this is the only one I have during transit. :P

Nails by Nailaholics! :P

Well at least no facial photos, I will have a conniption (for whatever that means) if they took shots of me sleeping.  Hahaha!!!

Well I did wake in time before the landing to notice this unusual bridge with a gap between them.

At SG, we were welcomed by our gracious host Shiela upon arrival at their flat in Hougang.  Okay, this is the ultimate proof of just how much excited Randolph boy is!  Imagine he has already shopped even before reaching SG!  Here's us with his brand new Iphone.  Haha!!  Awww, I miss my full bangs!!

Mr. Excited with his Iphone!  LOL!
It was almost 9:30 when we reached our friends' flat.  Everybody's hungry but we had to wait for the rain to stop.  At the MTR, we had fun teasing Randolph to pose everywhere we think is appropriate, hahaha!! Oh randolph, picture ka dito - was what you'd often hear from us.  Haha!!  But Dolphy's kinda shy, we took group photos instead. :))

Xiela, Me, Joan & Randolph w/ Photog: Bong
And yep, before you can comment even further - yes, there must really be a change of outfit.  Hahaha!!!

Girls by the MTR
1st day outfit was inspired by a mannequin in Zara.  (So yung mannequin talaga ang nag-inspire sayo?? Hahaha!!!)  Anyway, you all know the shorts with bow came from Bangkok last April but I was elated when Zara came out with the same shorts around June.  Well atleast I got mine cheaper! :P

We had to change some moolahs first before we had lunch.  But what better way to initiate Randolph to SG delicacies than bring him to Food Republic along Orchard!!!  And success!!  He loved my favorite dish - the Prawn Mee!!  YUM!

Prawn Noodle
More on the Kaladkarin's adventures on the next....

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