Sunday, October 10, 2010


It was uncharacteristic for us, Joy & I to obsessively dissect the movie right after seeing it.  For this blog, I intend to delve fully after reading it but cripes how could I if I still have two more pending books lined up for me?? Sheesh.  But I gather it has a lot of really good passages to which Wil resolved about a month ago after seeing it, to quote some whenever we would talk.  Hehe..

Apart from the very obvious difference of our financial status (oh to be able to travel the globe!!!) Liz & I clearly lived a different life.  According to her since high school she's been chasing a guy, faling in love with a guy, running away from a guy, crying over a guy, even choosing between two guys.  I'M NOT.  So with that established difference at the onset, I sat back and indulged my sensors at the wonderful scenery that is Italy and even let my tastebuds hunger for its delectable food.  I can't help but reminisce a bit seeing some familiar sights at India and lastly wish that we could squeeze in a little Bali sidetrip on my Jakarta trip with the girls next month.  What an exquisite beauty!!!

I was waiting for the pinch.  And boy was it given to me.  I don't expect to cry, I was never Liz to begin with.  But that jumping off the boat thing, I got this forward-pushing sensation in my sinuses, a crowding and gathering beaneath the bridge of my nose and surreptitiously I dabbed my hankies at each side of my eyes.  Then thought, oh what the hell??  What's there to be ashamed of?? That was a bit silly. 

Don't know why it made me think same thing might happen to me.  After more than years of being single, could I be holding back on love just because of this established BALANCE, that equilibrium state that is residing within me.  Scary no?

Anyway, on to lighter note, I was with my Makati girls last Friday night. We had dinner at CPK before the movie. =)

Liz & Aryan
Moi & Joy

It's been a while.  But good thing, we already have our next movie date.  And it's with Josh Duhamel.  He's a PHWOARRR!!!!  Hahaha!!!!

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