Wednesday, October 06, 2010


There’s a Tagalog word that sounds like this place but ironically it doesn’t give me the same feeling (panglaw in tagalog means gloomy) when we reached it. Why would it? I LOVE THE BEACH!! The beach makes me happy! And nothing could ever ruin my mood even if the resort that Randolph booked for us is about 5 mins walk away from it. :P

Today about six-ish in the morning, we’re already up and about for the dolphin watching. I bloody love dolphins!! It’s my wish to swim with them one day. =) That’s why it wasn’t hard to understand how I’d squealed like a child at the sight of them in the video way way below. Haha!!

6-ish view by the beach
From our main boat after the dolphin watching, we had to transfer to a smaller one to get to the sanctuary. Joan and I went ahead, Bong and Lyka, replete with their scuba diving accessories went their separate way while Randolph decided not to snorkel and just take care of our lunch by the island. Oh well, fine with us - as long as Joan and I have the underwater camera. Hahaha!!! Such cam whores!!

we brought bread to feed the fishy fishy
i wonder if there's any other way of posing underwater :P

we found Marlin & Nemo by the anemone, yeyey!!!
Sadly, Marlin didn't have a joke for us, hehehe! :P

some strange looking fish when I caught them they were
kissing each other!!  open your eyes!!

Our “bangkero” was very kind. We gathered he’s a certified scuba diver who left his job in Boracay because of “issues” with his boss. He’s very kind and obliging. I mean, just the way he showed patience in taking my and Joan’s pics, demonstrated deep knowledge in different sea creatures (fourth photo above I just forgot the name, boo!) and this was the most fun of all – the way he would fix my hair (specifically my bangs) whenever I would wear my goggles just so I’d look good in the pictures enjoy the snorkel all the more. Hahaha!! We enjoyed the snorkeling immensely that we didn’t notice we stayed there for about 2 hrs. Yay!!! It’s the reason why I’m so “toasted” – my natural whitening process would take about months. Tsk, tsk!

For lunch we asked the "islanders" to cook Adobong Pusit and Blue Marlin for us. Yah-meh! :P

Then after resting for a while, we visited their so-called Virgin Island.

And that concludes our island hopping for that day, we retreated to our resort broke and tired.  Haha!!  So broke that we just, I mean they (don't rely on me for cooking, I washed the dishes instead :p) cooked soup and bought liempo plus our favorite "isaw" by the beach area for dinner.  Haha!


Nivek said...

These are some great pictures. I especially like the one with the two Clown fish. You're getting to be a great photographer. Lisa needs to be worried as she might lose her rep as the best among your friends. It didn't hurt that there were also 2 pretty girls in the pictures!

I hope you show me these beaches when I go there!

Anonymous said...

thank you Kevin! please come some time March next year, I'll definitely show you around.. :)