Monday, October 04, 2010

My Saturday Gang

Took me some time I know, I know. But hey, at least I was being true to my resolution this year to take some photography workshops. The delay was mainly because I found it hard to squeeze it in my sked. With the regular skeds I have w/ gym at weekday nights & also because work is sometimes crazy I can’t risk it, it’s an absolute given that the class could only work on weekends for me. Saturday that is, coz you can’t take away my date with God & family on a Sunday. And the thing is, with the planned trips earlier this year, it was only October that’s Saturday free from any business or personal trips. Hooray!! :P

Actually there were other months w/ free Saturdays too but another thing was the hesitation. I have some friends who enrolled on the same school and upon asking them how it was like, somebody said it’s like being in a class you know having homeworks and all. And jokingly I told him, “Ganun? Ayoko na. Kilala mo ako, hindi ako sanay na hindi ako nage-excel sa class.” (Is that so? Then I don’t want it anymore. You know I don’t get into something that I won’t excel at.) Then we both laughed. Haha.

Of course, this isn’t like academics wherein you get by with having say, a good memory thru memorization or excellent problem-solving skills. This is, an art. And I’ve well accepted long before that I might not have that thing in me. :P Ang alam ko lang, maarte ako. Hahaha!!!
But then again, it pains me to see the DSLR sitting there. Not being used at all. I somehow felt ungrateful to my generous giver. :P And also, Cherry Blossom girl inspired me in a way so I carefully examined my schedule and there! Hopefully, I could already apply all the learning before my November trips.

The first Saturday was memorable, hahaha. I woke up early in the morning to finally decide I’m going to enroll on that same day. I texted my friends for direction, haha! Then when instructor asked to bring out the gears, I found out mine was running low on batt and I have no SD card with me. So much for being prepared huh? Hahaha!!!

The icebreaker moment was memorable also. You have to know one classmate and introduce him/her to the class. Details such as name/profession/why they enrolled is needed. I told my partner that it’s for a travel and fashion blog. Travel & fashion blog?? Meh ganon?? Hahaha!!!

About few hours when the class has just begun, I already received a “friendly” SMS from someone who clearly got my number from the registration form. Hmmmmm….. Good thing he intro’d himself; he’ll surely get a snobbish reaction if he pretended to be go anonymous. Some already sampled for a photo of me (yess to new pictures, hahaha!!!) And yes to cute classmates new friends! Hahaha!!!

I’m well into my second Saturday and I’m enjoying while learning a lot. Some perspectives were changed then, like for example initially I find it a bit overrated some group of people who go into the mall or public places to shoot. Or say, one child is in action and then a stranger photographer goes all of a sudden infront to capture the moment. I can’t hate them now because soon I get to be one of them. Yay!! If I was being honest, yes I once found it exaggerated but then again I finally understood it now. At least no point being sorry because I didn’t go proclaiming I hate them w/o knowing first where they come from right? :P

If anything, this workshop thing made me feel quite ashamed to bring my camera now. I don’t know. Before when I get to operate it via mini mini my nemo (yes I love it spelled this way :p), I’m okay bringing it around. I mean, like who cares. But now that I know how to use it, I uhmm quite reduced whenever I bring it. Yay!! Weird effect right? I think it’s because of the expectation?? Which is why I only announced it in my twitter days after I started the lesson. I also held back from transferring the photos to my laptop for quite some time because I might get frustrated with the results. Yay! Having said that, I decided not to post any photos yet here. :P I've still lots of stories to post anyway.  What an excuse, hahaha!!

So here's my new set of classmates/ friends.  People from all walks of life: chef, bartender in HK, engineers, tattoo artist, students, etc.  They'll be my Saturday gang for October.  Just a set of happy people: class is always fun!!  I covered the names to protect their privacy of course. 

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