Saturday, October 02, 2010

More on Kuya D (Jifline, pun intended!)

If you’ve seen the last video, you should have noted how Kuya D turned from being our mere driver to our PA – personal assistant that is. Haha! Did you see in the video how he was at a stance to take photos using Randolph’s DSLR during our “jifline” and how he was carrying my bag over his left shoulder and another bag on the right? Two thumbs up to Kuya!

Actually after Lyka did the finale for the plunge, Kuya D already offered to queue in behalf of us for the zip line so we didn’t have to wait. And since the activity involves crossing about 400m to reach another mountain, we had to leave our things behind. Once Kuya D got hold of the DSLR, he instantly assumed the role of a photographer – w/o us asking for it. So nice isn’t it? :P Bong & Lyka took off first, then me & Joan while Randolph did a solo flight.

On the second jifline (returning path), we keep on wondering why the crew over there kept on calling our group when it wasn’t even our turn yet. In the end we realized Kuya D talked to the crew to inform him if it is already our turn so he would be ready to take photos. Hahaha!!!

The video I took was the returning one, I volunteered to go first and borrowed Bong’s spanking new recorder. When everybody has already returned, Kuya D approached me to say sorry. Why? Because he said he didn’t realize that the cam was still off and the moment’s gone I don’t have a jifline photo.

WOW. 2 things. 1. He’s met me for about like 3 hours only and he already has this impression that I love having my pictures taken. Which is another good shot for him. 2. He is apologetic for something that we didn’t ask him to do. Really, you should’ve seen the look in his face, he was truly sorry. Hahaha!! I told him it was okay and that I didn’t mind. :P

While walking back to the parking area, Kuya D is still in his photographer mode. He was walking ahead of us then once in a while would stop and direct us to pose in a certain area so we could have a group photo. This was funny, haha! I think Kuya D has found his “real calling” in life and we were kidding Randolph to help fulfill Kuya’s dream by donating his camera. Hahaha!!!

He advised us to take a look at the buffet lunch offered in Danao since it will take some time before we reach Panglao where we’d stay for two nights. During lunch, Kuya D once again offered to get our certificates for the activities while we pick our food. Grabe, what more could you ask for??? We even remembered how he was so keen to answer our questions about Cebu & Davao in general.

On the drive going to Panglao, he suggested we stop by one supermarket so we can buy pasalubongs for friends back at Manila. Upon learning that Randolph booked a resort that looked quite far from the beach, he gently proposed we check out this famous Dumaluan beach resort to which he drove us into. Aaaah, the beach!!!

Unfortunately the place is fully occupied since it was a holiday and then finally we reached our lodging.

All of these we were able to take note of and discuss as we are having our lovely dinner by the beach area.  The extra amount we added in the payment can never be enough for the kindness and assistance that Kuya D showed us.  So if anyone of you who are interested in going to Bohol via Port Tubigon you may look for Kuya Dominic on the van rental area.  :)  Or just drop a comment so we can give his number.

And then after being thankful for the blessed day we just had thinking if it would be the same for the next day, a very strong wind came during the midst of our dinner.  So strong that the fine grains of sand are already getting into our food.  Yay!  It was followed by a heavy rain after. 

I think we just got our answer for the next day.  Haha!!


Nivek said...

Rain? I'm so jealous. It hasn't rained here for almost 5 months now :(

Anonymous said... love the rain too? :)