Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life As We Know It

Charming and entertaining. As Ryan Bang would say, I lily lily lily like it! Haha!

I just think it wouldn’t kill them to have more shirtless scenes from Josh Duhamel!! Hahaha!!!  And yes, can I have that baby Sophie please?????????  Squeezy creature!  Too cute for words!

The Makati girls are once again up and about.

Chili's at Greenbelt 5

None of the Friday would've happened if not for yours truly, thank you very much.  For that night I was a picture of a gracious host.  Hahaha!!  In the morning I realized I'm not only good in making reservations when it comes to shopping, but also in cinemas and restaurant too!  LOL!

Even the food combo choice was mine.  Well, all because I was craving for Chili's tostadas, mashed po and chicken fajitas.  LOL!  And to finally perfect the role, I even prepared the roll of fajitas each for the girls.  Wahaha!  They really have to take advantage of moments like this, coz oftentimes I'm just the laidback type of participant.  :P  But atleast all efforts are rewarded once you see that satisfaction on their faces! ;)  I allowed to give myself a mental pat while we were dining.  Hahaha!!

And Friday night marked the start of the busy weekend for me.  Saturday was my FPPF graduation and ADIDAS King of the Road marathon sked was for Sunday.  And let me just say that I'm utterly pleased with the results. I feel like I achieved so much during the weekend.  Yihee!!  Too many things coming up for this blog! ;)

Tomorrow's a holiday, what are you guys up to?? :)


Sydney at PetiteGorgeous said...

I enjoyed that movie very much! :).

CaseyCakes said...

that's nice..thanks for the comment.. :)