Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FPPF Graduation

It all started with this:

It's an assignment photo I submitted during the 2nd day of our class for the category shallow depth of field.  Of course I was pleased with it, it's the one I passed and posted infront of the class which will be subject for the mentor's criticism.

And boy did it receive a lot of negative comments.  LOL!  So much that I was ashamed to retrieve it from the board after the class.  XD

So for our graduation day last weekend, we were required to submit still life photo:

I tweeted about how I set-up our kitchen in order to achieve this "look".  And how I felt like a "pro" for having the complete apparatus such as light bulb, mirror, tripod etc. =P  That Thursday night was a high-adrenaline blur of snapping 100+ photos and this was the best I got.

Saturday afternoon came the dreaded moment.  All the mentors now will be judging our submitted photos.  I was totally surprised when one of the instructors picked it as his favorite.  But at the same time it was also highly criticized by the "Simon Cowell" of them all.  I wasn't banking much into it but it entered the Top 10!  Until eventually, it was narrowed down to Top 5 and I won a medal for it!  I WAS ECSTATIC!!  I swear, it was unexpected!!

my medal & my mini camera necklace, hihi.. ;)

Top 5 winners were asked to make a speech infront of the class and sheesh, I was so in a high I didn't know what I was saying in there.  LOL!  I even mentioned about how I just needed to improve from my first assignment photo which I initially handpicked before because it garnered a lot of "likes" in my FB (this story apparently earned chuckles from the class, lol!).  Gosh, I felt like I was just there infront doing stand-up comedy.  Hahaha!!!

And also there was this thing about how I bought the flowers from Holland Tulips and I picked them bouquet of assorted flowers because they were on sale.  I was nursing this wellspring of bitterness in me and my thoughts exactly while buying was, "Why should I spend a fortune on flowers when no guy would even spend that on me?"  Gak, gak, gak!!  What have I just said??  Good lord!!  It was all caught on video!!  Yay!!!! 

The only expectation I set to myself when I enrolled in this class is to finally know how to operate that camera, haha!  Instead I learned so much more and add to it discovering a nice place, meeting new friends and getting a recognition. =)  I'll miss these friends...(enter that the piano intro of Farewell by Raymond Lauchengco)..  Hahaha!!!

Aaah enough of these sappy crap, time to throw that graduation cap in the air!  Congratulations to me!!!  Yiheee!!!  Hahaha!!!


**You may check the official website for more details on our batch's graduation here. ;)

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