Friday, October 29, 2010

The Single Diaries: Miss Foreign Material

There was definitely something about that week. In which earlier while working on Krispy Kreme, some foreign guy (whom I can immediately tell from his accent he’s from Oz) talked to me to ask me for help in his email. Says something’s bollocks in his Iphone email in which there must be a “push” from one email first before he could receive all other incoming mails in his inbox. Weird right? I was thinking if it was just an excuse so he could get any contact details from me. But his request looked genuine and totally harmless so I helped him out. Anyways, I just got a thanks email in return and nothing more after that so I was safe.

Middle of that week, I was scurrying in the mall because I need to buy that green dress (the one I was wearing in Fort Santiago pictures) I’ve postponed buying it for days already since I first saw it when someone called from behind me.

Guy: Excuse me?

I turned around and found this tall guy that looks somewhere from the Middle East to me. He was catching after his breath and it seems to me he’s been following me for a while now. (Yes, that’s how fast I walk. Hahaha!!)

Me: Yes?

Guy: May I know your name?


Me: Why?

Guy: Because I want to get to know you.


Me: No.

Then I left. Ayyyyy ang taray ni ate. Hahaha!! Reason for rejection: He was getting in my way of shopping??? How could some men don’t understand that??? Hahaha!!!

And to cap it all off in that weekend, there was this guy.

Ooooookay, I made it sound like he’s that guy. The one who walked into my life and made me see why it never worked out with anyone else. Hahaha!! Well, if we put it squarely in the foreigner category for that week, it could be him. LOL!

It was one of those regular workout days where I do the rounds on the machines. I was resting from my 2nd set in the lat machine when he attempted to make a casual chat from the machine next to me about how some people who value their health showed some degree of success in their lives. Hmm, okay topic is something new. Then I replied saying, “Of course there has always got to be some balance.  It shouldn't always be about work.” bearing in mind how stressful that week was for me.

When he speaks, he sounds English to me and he speaks the language really good.  Yet his looks is deceiving, Turkish I'd have to say so I'm quite confused.  Since he’s talking about success, I thought he maybe is some corporate guy from somewhere who was sent to Philippines for work. And is now in the gym because he values his health so much. Despite the curiosity, I was able to hold back my questions.

I like that he is sensitive. Doesn’t want to disturb my workout but subtly attempts to keep the conversation going. And it’s quite notable also that during the entire course of the conversation, he complimented me only once saying body is fine and no need for more workout. :P Until finally, I needed to transfer and so did he.

Okay relax KC, relax. Fine, he’s cute and all but he didn’t ask for your name. It’s but natural for foreigners to strike up conversation with strangers especially with the locals for them to feel a bit homey. Okay, I didn’t know where did I get that info but I need to stay calm.

I went through my entire workout just fine and finished it with a cool down cardio of my new favorite machine, The Wave. It’s a good exercise for the legs they say. :P To my over joyous relief, he came near me to properly introduce himself and at that juncture, I was thinking “Okay, there is definitely something here.”

His name is Albert. And he pronounces it as “Ol-berch”. We talked up some more until once again I had to go to stretch. He ended up with see you ‘round and honestly I was a tad disappointed. I mean, that’s just it????? I thought there was something going on (for whatever that something was) or did I just imagine it??

Ever the crafty one, I tried to think of a way. Yays!! Okay, here is the thing. Sometimes when I go to gym late and I decide to “close it” (meaning exercise until its closing time), I dress lousily. Meaning, I just change my top and usually stick with my jogging pants and shower home. Shame, shame I know considering I own a handful of clothes. And unfortunately, this was one of those days. Luckily though, before I went to the gym I was able to shop around and buy this romper (the jumpsuit I intend to wear in Cebu which I already worn in Cebu) and wore it going home. Yays!!! Again, I’m totally mortified to say that I kind of “lingered” by the reception area just to you know, see him once again perhaps and maybe from there I can tell what’s the deal.

Thanks be to the free wi-fi of the gym, Twitter kept me company. And yes, I tweeted about him (you know me when I get excited) and I stayed for about five okay ten minutes but there was nary a sign of him. =( Not quite sure if he left earlier than I did but suffice it to say, I was devastated.

Still on my way home, I can’t help but analyze the situation. I kept on playing the scenarios in my head again and again trying to find out what went wrong. Sheesh!! And the only culprit I realized was that, I, KC Pelayo, forgot to give my name!! FO’ REALS!!!! Sheeeesh!! I remember when he came up to me when I was in The Wave, I was soooo keyed up that I forgot to give my name back. Yay!! Lousy!! Typical of me. Of course, how can he be interested when I can’t be that bothered to give my name back? But was that enough reason???

But then again should be there be something, I tried to console myself with the thought that he’s just temporarily staying in the country, for work maybe. While its true there are other foreigners who are members in that gym it’s also plausible that he could just be stayin’ by the hotels near this gym. So there was really no chance.

I had forgotten about him actually, I had my birthday, Cebu and Bohol…………

Two months after that, as in 9:33 PM a while ago in the same gym’s clock, I was at one of those stretching machines where you do it in eight steps. I was in the final step, which involves holding out your hand by the handle and your feet in the bar just below it, so you’re like in a C position with your head bowed down. And when I looked up, he was there leaning by the handle flashing me that killer smile of his.

“I’m sure you’ve forgotten about me.”

(To be continued)

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