Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Spotlight: Cherry Blossom Girl

Another fashion blogger I stumbled upon, Alix or the Cherry Blossom girl from Paris, has shed light to me about how she maintains her blog.  Which has always been a big question to me whenever I discover "bookmark-worthy" fashion blogs.

#1  She's a freelance stylist.  Which of course meant she has a lot of time doing the oculars for her dresses and that fashion blogging should work towards the advancement of her job in order promote her style!  Brilliant!  This is my second time to encounter a stylist blogger, the other one is from Belgium.  And some tiny voice in my head is saying, "Geese, I'm totally in the wrong career path!"  Hahaha!! Just kidding. ;)

#2 They take pictures using a remote-controlled point & shoot.  Aaaahh.  Well of course it's plausible, I mean somehow I already thought of that before but then again I just think it's kinda weird you time the camera and strike your much thought about pose infront of it.

Yes I've done it before.  Note: There are even some ignoramus out there who laughs out at my photos taken infront of the mirror.  Obviously that person has never explored the world of fashion blogging, lol!  But then mine was mostly done within the confines of a closed room.  But for these bloggers to do it in public places????  It's amazing how they were able to produce these pin-up worthy pics!

Another thing I appreciate in her blog is her eclectic choices of the shoots.  I believe this was done during the height of the Twilight saga, she produced this photograph in the cemetery!!!  In her blog post, she was actually with her friends.  Haha!  I know I mentioned she sometimes shoots on her own but dear it'd really scare the sh*t out of me if I do this alone you know.  LOL!

And of course I love that she loves florals too.♥♥♥ ---{@ ♥♥♥

She has amazing shoes too, in which it's hard to miss her attention to details.  Look at her YSL cage heels adorned with plastic rosettes.

Or this again, vampire-inspired shoot replete with the props: fangs & black polish.

I know I am overloading with pictures, but lastly, to make us all girls envious - she had an amazing wedding too with very nice dress & photographs!  Awwwwww........ 

Don't you just wish you were on her shoes???? I do.... *sigh*

Seriously, you must click here for pages after pages of high-resolution fashion and travel photography.  She blogs in French but she has a translator for it.  Don't you dare forget to bookmark it!!!!  I know I just waxed lyrical about her blog, but let me cap this off with this:

J'adore Cherry Blossom Girl!  (if this is even correct in French, haha! :D)

P.S.  Her bangs made me love mine even more.  Haha! :))

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PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN BUY THESE SHOES YSL cage heels adorned with plastic rosettes( ONLINE?