Sunday, August 29, 2010

You've Got A Way, Becky! :P

When you hear the name Shania Twain, what image comes to your mind?

It so happened that this morning I was checking out Perez' site and learned that the country singer turned 45 yesterday.  She may be very well on to her forties but to me, Shania will always be remembered as a goddess in this particular video -You've Got A Way. :)

I was obsessing about it so much that it's being played on repeat via Youtube.  Plus, I managed to download a zipped file of stills from the shoot.  Yey!  Everything's perfect: the make-up (blue eyeshadow is ♥♥♥), the dress (basque covered in multi-colored flowers is ♥♥♥) and the backdrop.  I love everything about this video!  Shania is such a goddess!! 

Is it too much to say that I dream of wearing a similar dress and be photographed in suchlike garden?  :P

And so for this Sunday's wear, this video was my inspiration.  I took out my MNG tube dress and wore it.  If she has that festoon of flowers in her head, I matched mine with my Accessorize headwear. :P Keribelles na yan te, PAK!  Hahaha!!!

I have a recent favorite pink ring too! I'm such a becki!  BECKIMON!  Hahaha!!

And more beckiness. :)  The recent book I'm reading.  Bought this one in Changi airport last month to consume all my SGDs.  Look at my favorite bookmark.  :P  Yey also to French mani coz my square nails work best with my qwerty phone. ;)  Wag i-deny ang pilantod of the pinky! :))

And a photo with our Sunday visitor, Lucas! :D

And lastly, Shania's video! Enjoy! :)

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