Friday, August 27, 2010

KL Day3a: Souvenir Shopping

Considered as my last day in KL since flight on the next day is at 730 AM, we jumpstarted it with a morning worship. It was Sunday after all. It was so nice meeting Ate Lisa’s friends in the congregation. I just wasn’t able to take photos especially of that cute white American girl happily playing with the black little boy after the meeting. :)  Even at those tender ages, I had some happy visions of these children ending up together.  That would be cute.  Haha! :D

The meeting finished off almost lunchtime and we took a bus going to the Central Market for some souvenir shopping. If other people collect magnets of places they traveled to, for me I buy mini statues. It should be anything that will instantly recognize the place, and for here it should be a mini Petronas tower. ;)

Ate Lisa already knows where to buy those cheap ones. And I bought an extra one for someone. Who???? Secret…. :P Here is what you’ll find in this market. A center for culture, arts and handicrafts, it offers goods like Batik, embroidery carvings, souvenirs, sculptures, clothes and many more. I tried looking for Chinese dresses, you know those Cheong Sams, because I’d like to wear those sometime. Hehe. But they’re a bit pricey in there. :P

We had lunch somewhere in a foodcourt in that area. I tried to go for “something new” and ended up with a soup with fishball and veggies.  While Ate Lisa went for Ice Kachang.  Diet daw. :P

Remembering my friend from the PH who asked specifically for a bag, (I only have one friend who’s this shameless specific when it comes to requests, lol!) and it is Xiela!! Hahaha!! I tried looking around also but the thing is, I already bought her a bag from BKK, which is also mostly the design of the bags found in here. :P We were about to leave the place when we saw this section: it’s called (with hands up in the air) Little India. Hahaha!!

Look at the picture, so enticing to come inside and have a look right? They have this passion for bold and bright colors noh? That’s why I remember my bib necklace is such a “winner” in Noida when I was there. ;)

It didn’t take us long to discover this treasure, a very nice handloom Indian bag!! Weeee!! It’s so pretty; I didn’t wanna give it away. Xiela can just stick to the bag from BKK. Wahahaha!!!

And some more interesting bags I found, but unfortunately the store was closed because the keeper then is having lunchbreak! XD

Nice designs ayt?? :)  Although I believe I haven't worn yet the same sling bag style I got from Kota Kinabalu last year.  Hahaha!!

Afterwards, we visited this place Jalan Petaling which is considered their Chinatown.  Why??  Because Ate Lisa wanna check out if her LV bag design has some imitations in there.  Hahaha! :D

The place is kinda scary there were a lot of men in there.  Like for example, I was taking that photo above and some Indian guy hovered into my camera to get my attention.  Yay!  I didn't notice much some of the stuff we saw in there because something was wrong with my tummy the moment we got there.  

I'm pretty sure it was from the soup.  Major major yay!!!  We just stayed long enough before my final itinerary for KL: the Menara tower visit.  :)

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