Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Matters :)

31 years.  Happy Anniversary to my parents! :D

The event last Sunday was made extra special with the presence of my parents' grandchild, Aedan Miguel!! Weeeeeeee!!!!

Except for Mama & Tita, it was everybody's first time to meet him.  Awww, so adorable!  He was the star of the night.  I was so happy to finally see him, my very own nephew!!  Yeyey!!! :D  Here he is, busy with his Jollibee french fries.  Haha!!

It was once again proven how my magic works with children, I could make a good nanny mother!  Hahaha!  Li'l Aedan was scared of Mama at first but na ah, not to pretty Tita KC.  Hahaha!!  Even Lem had to trick him to buying another fries.  :P  Here he is with the Lolo & Lola. :P

Err, well he is cute and all that but I had a hard time taking a picture of him.  LOL!  But he really looks like my older brother when he was a kid.  And not only that, while on the way home I spent some time familiarizing him on people's faces, pointing to him who's Lolo, Uncle and Tita.  After which I will ask him who's who and he will point correctly!  Very impressive for someone who'll just turn 2.  :)  But of course, why was I surprised?  He got those brainy genes from me.  Mwahaha!!! :D  It's cute also the way he says Lolo as Wowo and when I say call me Tita, he'll say Tata.  :P

Aww, I miss miss him already. I love you Aedan Miguel.  :D  Hope to see you soon. :)  Kisses from Tita.. :-*

Last: Jewel-toned dress from Plains & Prints. :)

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