Saturday, September 04, 2010

KL Day3b: Menara Tower

Known as the 5th tallest telecom tower in the world, Ate Lisa decided that for my last day I have some gastronomic experience at Menara tower’s revolving restaurant. I remember now this is the reason why she only had ice kachang at the Central Market a while ago. :P

Wiki-ing it a while ago, I was surprised that Menara tower is also known as the KL tower as if it represents the whole city rather than the ever famous Petronas. But later you’ll know why. The structure is located at Bukit Nanas. We took a taxi from Petaling and reached a bit earlier for our reservation at 3 PM.

The tower offers a lot of activities for local and tourists alike. Those who are into learning Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage can see the traditional dances by the performing arts group, the adventurous types can go for their zipline activities and there’s also a zoo for nature lovers. I can tell most people often go for the Observation Deck that costs 30 RM. But for greater value for money, try adding 20 RM in which you can dine and also observe like what we did. Practical isn’t it? :P The 50 RM is not for dinner, price is a bit pricey as you would expect.

Of course going there for dinner is more defining when it comes to experience. Imagine beholding the beauty of the city 421m up above and observe as it transforms into a sparkle of lights at night. But then again such scenario can always be compared to Noah’s ark aka couple’s dates and us “singles” wouldn’t wanna be caught up in that. Besides, Ate Lisa & I can always go back here for a romantic dinner with our respective partners. It’s just a matter of time. Hahaha!! And there goes my resolve! :P

Being a Muslim country, Halal cuisine is also being served. And, if there’s another thing Ate Lisa & I both enjoy is spicy food. I think we both attribute it to the “Kapampangan” side of ours.

Being the diet-conscious that we are, somehow we managed to get a little bit of everything. Although just like in any other buffet, there will be that certain part of the meal that I will always go on OVERLOAD: DESSERTS!! The Sweet Tooth, bow! XD

Of course, the 360ยบ view is marvelous! It’s my first time to try a revolving restaurant and it was fun observing KL glide beneath you. :) I, uhmm, just not knowledgeable enough on the DSLR to take a panoramic shot. :P But here’s some of those I captured:

yesss!!! may copyright & effects na akong nalalaman...hahahaha!!!!

And this is me. I also have photos leaning on the glass wall leaning on the fiberglass walls through different positions as if the ground below is just a few meters away, haha!

Our final stop is at the Observation Deck where you will be given an mp3 player upon entering whichever language you prefer. At each and every angle you will be briefed as to which attractions are available with what you can see through the microscope. Actually, Ate Lisa & I decided to just ditch the mp3 players because it’s amazing how we never run out of things to talk about. Haha! So with regards to my previous statement, those who wanna experience KL should try first this tower just to know what are the things that this wonderful city offers. :)

And this pic below is the reason why Ate Lisa always needs a curtain in her window at the 20th floor of Maytower service apartment. Hahaha!!!

I can still remember how I was laughing my heart out when we went down at the observation deck that even the driver of the shuttle that will take you from the tower down the hill would look around to see know what's happening.  Ate Lisa's stories are classic, her terminologies and punchlines are always FTW (for the win!!).  Haha!!

After this, we just decided to head straight back to her apartment so I could prepare my things for the 730 AM flight back to PH.  This is the view of the Menara tower from Ate Lisa's window:

And further proof of our never-ending stories was that we slept around 2 AM already.  I had to wake up at 3.  Haha!!  Amazing noh?  It feels like we were best friends who didn't see each other for a long time, haha!  I remember Ate Lisa had to take a sick leave that Monday.  Yay!!

And yehey, another travelogue has ended!!  And this is so timely because Ate Lisa arrived today for a vacation.  Yehey!  She might not read this (yess!!!, haha!) coz I know itinerary's always full for the short stint.  But I'm sure I'll see her on Sunday.  :)

My SG trip with friends is up next.  :)  Thanks for reading! :)

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