Wednesday, September 29, 2010

D-A-N-A-O (The Plunge!)

The wheel has totally turned to our favor on the next day. This is what we realized the moment we met Kuya Dominic.

Kuya Dominic was the driver of our hired van. We were supposed to get off in a different vehicle but he made the offer with a reasonable price. This is because our travel route involves: Port Tubigon -> Danao ->Panglao.

Once inside the van, Kuya Dominic instantly assumed the role of a gracious entertainer. He kept on making small talks inside albeit being careful so as not to intrude in our conversations. I noticed every once in a while he would feel the temperature of the cooler inside just to make sure that it’s not hot inside. Very sensitive of him.

After about 2-hr drive around 10 AM, we finally reached Danao. Again, the guys have been to Bohol already. So nope, no Chocolate Hills (I did see some though on the way)/ Tarsier sightings or Loboc river cruise for me. =( Today is purely extreme sports and the day after is for the beach. If it’s of any consolation to me, I will just pretend that this picture of me with Joan has the Chocolate Hills in the background. :P

My very cute shirt is from Zara. =) If you noticed, I’m not a t-shirt & jeans type of gal. Even way back in college. :P But when I purchase tees, I make sure they have very nice design. And what a coincidence that for this day, Joan & I are in white tees and black shorts. :P

Danao offers a lot of activities (spelunking included!) if you checked the website I hyperlinked last time. But to me initially, I thought the main agenda was just the zipline. Apparently (yes, I use this word for blogging purposes only), they have the longest in the country. But one thing that piqued our curiosity was the “pendulum” thing that the staffs from ANC told us before the interview in Cebu. So, Kuya D asked us to take a look first on how it is done before we give it a go.

My, oh my. I screamed when I saw the take-off from the viewing area. It was freaking scary! I’m telling you, there’s this one macho guy infront of me who wasn’t able to help himself but shriek w/ matching left hand placed somewhere near his heart at the sight of the girl being launched from the starting point. When he turned around, ayyyyyy juding pala. Hahaha!!! Can you imagine the contrast, a tough girl doing the plunge then a guy screaming out for her? Hahaha, that was funny!

Bong was decided. He’ll do it first. Us “weaklings” asked to do the jifline (this is how the initial guy who made the offer to us for a van in Port Tubigon pronounced it. Haha! Joan hated him so much because he sat beside her when we were in a “traysikol” at the port and he was talking loudly to her ears.) first before we decide. But after much pep talk:

“we didn’t bloody pay 2.5k for the van & traveled 2 hrs, just for the zipline only”

“you could do the zipline in tagaytay, 2 hr drive from Manila”

“you’ll come here what, like once in a year?”

And then we all decided that we’d do it. LOL! But of course I still couldn’t shake off that thump-thump-thump feeling in me. You know me, I’m undaunted with almost any kind of joy rides but this one is different. It’s a solo flight and it’s not for everybody. The moment I said yes, I refused to watch any more plunge before so everybody else was taking pictures or recording the video. I went second to the last and boy I did pray before the activity. But then again seeing me all smiles below you wouldn’t have guessed right? Haha!!  This was the part when Bong was taunting me, "Hey you already had your picture, you can go back now!"  Ang yabang!  Hmpf!  Haha!

Actually the position I did is a safer option. The challenging one is where you do it facing upwards which was what Bong, Joan & Lyka did. Bravo. Clap, clap for them. :P  I'm not sure how they could smile during the take off, haha!!  My position required that I look down and my head touch the upper part of the harness.  Boo!

I dunno. I think doing it in a sitting position like I did is much more calculated for me should anything happen or whatsoever. Geese! I mean finishing this can already qualify me as a risk taker but I’d rather have it under controlled circumstances. Wahaha!! This is what I call calculated risk taker. Nyahaha!! Labo!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!
 After doing the plunge/suislide/pendulum as they call it, I expected my hands/ knees would tremble. But nothing of that happened. Therefore, I can totally say that plunge thing?? It’s PANIS! CHICKEN! THUMBS-DOWN DUDE! EASY AS A PIE! Hahaha!!!

But the gliding portion once you're at the bottom is nice.  Hehe.  Just in case it might take a while before I update again coz of my "class" (hmmm....hahaha!!!), I'm gonna share another multimedia file to you for now as I give you the zipline video.  You will see Kuya D from here and how he has evolved from just a driver to a........ P.A.  Hahaha!!  I will tell about it on the next. ;)


Tisha said...

Hey how is the pendulum different from bungee jumping?

CaseyCakes said...

Hehe, according to EAT DANAO website:
Plunge: a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons. Now longer (70 meters) more fear some.

here's my video (shameless plugging, lol!)

bungee jumping is crazy, i still don't think i could do it..for now..haha!!

Tisha said...

Oh OK, sorry didn't get to watch the vid before coz I was using my teeny tiny netbook. Har. Parang zipline pala.